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    Southwest Airlines has done an entertaining job of asking us if we “Wanna get away?” But there are good reasons to get away besides escaping personal embarrassment and catastrophe, and they don’t have to involve an airplane trip.
      Perhaps you have heard the old joke:Q. “When is a car not a car?”A. “When it turns into a parking lot!”(And if you are like me, and not afraid of a good “dad joke,” tuck that one away to try later on your 7 year old.) A similar question, this time not a joke:Q. “When is a retreat not a
      In the last post we talked about thoughtfully adding “white space” to the schedule of your retreat, in order to encourage and allow attendees a more holistic experience. Today I am going to talk through a variation on that – it is not true “white space” but it is the opposite of a
      Tommy's teacher saw him spacing out the window, and asked him to get focused back on his drawing. “Oh, I'm already done,” Tommy informed her. “See, here are his eyes and nose.” “Uh… I only see three black dots on your blank paper. Who is he, and where is the rest of him?” replied the teacher.

    Event Debriefing 101

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    Just as it's important to get all the details right before your event, it's also equally important to collect feedback, evaluate the planning process, investigate the attendees' experience, and reconnect with planning partners after the event.
    If you're new to the world of meeting and event planning, this is a great blog post to read before diving into checklists, spreadsheets, committee meetings, and decision-making. As you think through the specifics of your event, take venue selection seriously. It may be easiest to book the nearest hotel or community room, but thinking out of the