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    The Marsh  

    Every day at The Marsh is filled with excitement!

    Wacky Wednesday fun and games, dress up days, unique games and creative activities make each week exciting for campers of all ages. But that’s not all…

    The Marsh themes add extra fun to a schedule that includes activity blocks (please see list of activities as these are offered by age), Bible teaching, group games and swimming every day!

    All weeks are geared for boys and girls ages 4 to 14.


    Summer 2018 Theme Weeks listed below - check back for 2019!

    Week 1
    June 18-22
    Plunge into Summer

    Start the summer with a splash! Crazy games, lots of water fun, and more.

    Week 2
    June 25-29
    A Very Happy UnBirthday

    A very happy un-Birthday to you and you and you! It’s everybody’s un-birthday this week so we’ll celebrate with cake and games and more!

    Week 3
    July 2-6
    Ninety Degrees North

    Check the forecast… it’s calling for snow?! Join us as we race to reach the North Pole.

    Week 4
    July 9-13
    Think Outside the Hat

    Imagine a week from the mind of a Seuss, with Joats, and Sneetches, and Zax on the loose. The eggs could be green, so could the ham – for Yertle the Turtle and Sam – I - Am. You might see Marvin K. Mooney or the Fuddnuddler Brothers, a Drum-Tummied Snum, the Lorax and others!

    Week 5
    July 16-20
    Backyard Bash

    It’s a blast in the back yard as we take part in summertime classics like kickball, foursquare, hopscotch, lawn games, nature crafts, water balloons, and s'mores!

    Week 6
    July 23-27
    If You Give A Marsh-ian A Cookie

    “If you give a Marshian a cookie, they are bound to…” Well, what will a Marshian do if you give them a cookie?! Come find out!

    Week 7
    July 30-Aug 3
    You Are Here

    Maps, sundials, moss on trees… how will you find out where to go next?

    Week 8
    August 6-10
    Once Upon An Adventure

    In a land not so far away, a clever bunch of Marshians took to the woods, and mud, and a pool where they ...

    Week 9
    August 13-17
    Marsh Madness

    There’s no telling what could happen during Marsh Madness – we’re inside out and upside down and full of fun and games!