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    The Marsh  

    Fun & Activities

    Lots of Activities at The Marsh

    Play, learn and discover!

    Our activity schedule is designed to give campers an opportunity to try new experiences and have a great time!

    These activities may include:

    • Archery (ages 9-14)
    • Big Swing (ages 12-14)
    • Bug Safari
    • Crafts
    • Canoeing (ages 10-14)
    • Four Square and Gaga
    • Indoor Rock Climbing (ages 10-14)
    • Miniature Golf
    • Nature Activities
    • Outdoor Cooking (ages 8-14)
    • Pool Games
    • Science
    • Sidewalk Art & Bubble Fun
    • Slingshot (ages 8-14)
    • Sports
    • Swimming
    • Zip Line (ages 12-14)
    • and more!

    We strive to provide experiences that are fun and engaging! Activities may teach a skill, build a sense of community, foster sportsmanship, encourage a sense of self-worth, or provide an outlet for creativity and energy. Some activities are weather permitting. Not all activities will be available during all weeks.


    We love swimming at The Marsh! And we swim every day, so it is important to us that you are comfortable with and understand our expectations for swim time.

    All campers will be evaluated and classified as to swimming ability on the first day of each week. Campers who can swim 25 yards and tread water for at least 1 minute without the use of any flotation device or other help (including goggles) will be allowed access to all areas of the pool. Campers who are unable to complete the swim test will be allowed only in the shallow areas of the pool as designated by pool ropes. Swimmers will be identified by wristbands and will not be allowed in the pool area without one. This is a voluntary assessment but a camper is not allowed beyond the shallow area ropes without completing the assessment.

    Puddle jumpers are available to borrow and many of the younger campers wear them the entire time they are at the pool. All flotation help brought from home must be approved by the lifeguard on duty and The Marsh leadership staff. We do not allow water wings, arm bands, swimmies, or any tube type flotation devices in Perkins Pool.

    Pool time is supervised to meet or exceed state standards with Red Cross certified Lifeguard staff, designated spotters, and counselors in the pool playing. Our state approved safety plans are available for review upon request.

    Please have a bathing suit appropriate for active play. Girls need a suit that fully covers the torso. Boys need a longer inseam and snug waistband (good elastic and/or functional drawstring). 


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