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    Recently, my son gifted me the opportunity to write the stories of my life and have them bound into a book. The publishing company offered prompts to assist in writing chapters about significant people and experiences in my first 60 years. One of the prompts was, “What places have you traveled to over and over again?” Although there
    I am regularly reminded of how Sandy Cove shaped my childhood and my faith. One of my earliest memories is sitting at a table in the back of the Water’s Edge Dining Room with my parents and grandparents. We each had a small plate with strawberries, marshmallows, and Rice Krispie treats covered in chocolate. We sat and talked while waiting
    One of my favorite questions is, “How did you first come to know about Sandy Cove, and when did you first come here?” Many of you may remember my longtime executive assistant, Carol Lee (Perkins) Lynch. She teased me that I needed to write a story called “Dish Pit to Director’s Office.” After all these years, here
    At the beginning of January, a lot of people choose a word that will define their year ahead. For me, I choose my word at the end of the year. I see what word comes up time and time again that God has revealed to me throughout the year, one that resonates with my heart and teaches me things, one that aligns with things going on in my life, and

    The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

    The stores don’t miss a beat. Sometime between Thanksgiving and mid-December, while customers attempt to stave off the stress of shopping for the perfect Christmas gift, some of our favorite retailers have already moved on. Candy boxes in the shape of hearts and mushy cards for everyone from a spouse to the family pet line the card
    Once a month, Neil Fichthorn hosts a Zoom call with more than a dozen former Sandy Cove staff members. Many of them were musicians and singers who performed under Neil’s direction at the height of the ministry’s storied summer concerts. Nearly 50 years later, the memories and ongoing connections are powerful to Neil, whose career
    If you’re the point person tasked with making reservations for a large group, then you’ll need to tackle a rooming list.  From roommate preferences to special requests, it’s a big job that takes some forethought and lots of patience. But it’s for a good reason. Make check-in a breezeFirst, a rooming list helps
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