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    How To Register

    Yay! We are excited that you are registering for The Marsh!

    Here's a “how to” before you click through to actually start the process. You can leave this open in a browser window to refer back, if you are on a desktop computer. 

    If you continue to experience difficulty - please leave a voicemail at 443.674.9478 or text Evelyn at 443.206.6644. We will get back to you within 24 hours!

    Step 1 – Preparation

    Heads up! If you back out part way through, all information entered up until that time will not be saved. ALSO, if you don't do anything for 15 minutes, it will freeze your registration to protect your security and you will have to start over. 

    Make sure you have this information ready to go, because you can’t register without it.

    • The date of the last tetanus booster for each child you wish to register
    • Your insurance company and policy number
    • Your doctor’s name and phone number
    • An emergency contact name and phone number
    • A credit card to charge at least the $75 deposit for each week of camp

    Step 2 – Get Started

    When you open up the registration page (by clicking that blue REGISTER NOW button), you will see a Session List, that shows the dates for all the weeks The Marsh is open this summer (keep going - it's more than one page!).

    There are three choices for each week based on camper age– one for 4 and 5 year olds, one for 6 – 12 year olds, and one for 13 - 14 year olds. You can use the age filter on the left to make the ones that don’t apply disappear.

    Select the proper week(s) and age category(s) for the kids you want to register, by clicking the blue “add to cart” box of the appropriate listing(s). You can click it multiple times if you have more that one child in that category attending that week. Or you can adjust quantity using the drop down in the shopping cart.

    It is best if you add ALL sessions for ALL kids for the whole summer at this time. 

    Once all the weeks you want to register for are in your shopping cart, double check that you got the ages right, then click the orange “continue” button.

    Step 3 – Account Access

    It will ask you to enter an email – this will be how you access your account in the future,  just enter the address you want the account tied to. Or if you already have an ACTIVE account, use that email. Then click “next” right underneath.

    You will see a pop up asking you to read and agree to ACTIVE’s (the software company) terms of use and privacy policy. Take a minute to do that, check the boxes, and click next to move on.

    Step 4 – Participants and Options

    You will go through each session you selected and assign which child will attend and choose some options.

    • Fill in the child’s name
    • Fill in the birthdate in the proper format
    • Select the child’s gender
    • Click the box saying you are the parent or guardian of this child
    • Choose whether you want to enroll this child for extended care
    • Select whether you would like to order a shirt or water bottle for your child

    Hit the orange continue button, and it will pop open the next session for customizing. The original child will be selectable in the drop down, since it already has their info, or you can add another child and their info.

    As you complete each session, hit continue until you have gone through all the sessions in your cart.

    Step 5 – Registration Forms

    For each child, work your way through all of the questions to record emergency contacts (name and phone number), insurance info, health history,  etc. If you are registering a returning camper, please make sure that the existing information is up to date! All this is required for camp, and this way you don’t have to worry about bringing forms to camp with you.

    Continue until you have information entered for all the children you are registering.

    Next enter your information, as the primary parent or guardian. You may add an additional parent at this point if you wish, but it is not critical. Hit continue when your info is entered.


    Step 6 – Waivers and Agreements

    Probably get some coffee – next job is to read through waivers and agreements – there is one for The Marsh for each child, then one for ACTIVE as well.

    Once you read through them, check to agree, and then either write your signature, or select “type your signature” to type it in.

    Then you are ready to “continue to cart!”

    Step 7 – Finalize

    You can review all the registrations you have made before checking out.

    After you have reviewed your cart, you can choose yes or no to Registration Protection – this is through a third-party company, and not something that The Marsh is involved with.

    From there, choose pay in full, or select a payment plan (the closer we are to camp, the fewer plan options there are, and everyone must be paid in full by June 1*) and enter your card information. Then you can choose a password so you can access this account later (think how easy this will be next year!) and then hit the orange “complete” button.

    *If you are registering after June 1, you will need to pay in full when you register.

    You did it!

    You registered for The Marsh! You are the hero, and probably deserve a cookie from WaWa. Or if you registered more than one kid, maybe a pirate donut from Chesapeake Bay Coffee?


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