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    Every event planner wants their event to be the one that creates the most buzz and generates a waiting list. With the right tools, you can effectively promote your event so you'll have a long list of participants eager to get in on the fun. 

    Use an online booking platform
    Remember, we live in the age of the internet, and if you want to ensure that your scheduled retreat reaches a young and vibrant audience, then you need to promote it on the web. We always recommend promoting your event through social media in addition to an event booking platform like This will help to ensure that users can accept and commit to the event, and when you’re at capacity, a waitlist will automatically be generated. You can also use the platform to set one up yourself! The appearance of a waitlist gives the impression that your event is exclusive, ultimately drawing more people. 

    Once your waitlist Is established, promote that, too
    Promoting your event should be your main focus right out of the gate. But once you have enough participants who’ve marked “attending,” then you’ll want  to promote your waitlist to generate greater interest. For instance, post on your social media and announce some directions to help users get their name on your waiting list. (Don't forget to save the email addresses so that you have contacts to promote future events!)

    Offer a giveaway to someone on the waitlist
    Once your waitlist begins to fill up, offer a special giveaway. Perhaps it won’t be a spot on this particular retreat, but consider offering a free spot on your next retreat. Not only will this keep the buzz going, but it’ll encourage other interested participants to follow subsequent events. 

    Send an email blast
    Last, but certainly not least, you need to be sure that you’re using every possible avenue to market and promote your event and waitlist. For instance, if your event books up quickly, send out an email blast to your entire contact list, letting them know that you have a waitlist for this retreat. Not only will this show that your event has some energy around it, but it will also give them a chance to inquire about future events. 

    Armed with a strategy, your event is sure to generate a buzz...and a waitlist. Happy planning!

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