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    Campus Map

    Campus Map

    • 1. Main Entrance: If you are a Lodge guest, this is the place to come, get checked in, unload your car and move in. If you are a Campground guest, this is the place to do a U turn.
    • 2. Chesapeake Lodge: 150 guest rooms, on three floors, plus a prayer room, a fitness center, a TV room and a coffee café… And all connected to the meeting rooms and dining room! Why would you ever want to leave?
    • 3. Chesapeake Auditorium/Conference Center: With the 500 seat Chesapeake Auditorium on the top floor, and 6 other conference rooms below that on the 2nd floor, this is where most of the meetings take place.
    • 4. Kalbach Welcome Center & The Morning Cheer Bookstore: Kalbach is a big round desk with all the answers you might need when it is staffed. Want to buy a book? A coffee cup? A Sandy Cove sweatshirt? Advil? Yes! All that and much, much more at the Bookstore.
    • 5. The Chapel: One of the older buildings on the property, the Chapel is still used to host meetings, and the basement is the Craft Shop during Summer Together Family Camp.
    • 6. Water's Edge Dining Room: This is where Lodge guests come for "good food, and plenty of it" three times a day.
    • 7. Shuffleboard/Gazebo: Shuffle around, or sit in the shade, both with a great view of the water!
    • 8. Palmer: Sometimes a meeting room for 1000, but usually our multi-purpose play room, with basketball, volleyball, Ga-ga, pool tables, ping pong, air hockey and carpetball. Also home to our 30' rock wall, which is available by arrangement.
    • 9. The Marina: Seasonally open with canoes, kayaks and paddle boats you can borrow. Other top of the water activities such as sailing, wavecutting and pontoon boating can be arranged as well. Guests may also bring their own boats, if they are suitable for use on the river here.
    • 10. Miniature Golf: Mini golf for everyone. A golf ball machine sells you a ball for four quarters (but we'll buy it back when you are done) or bring your own!
    • 11. Playgrounds: Two fenced in playgrounds for toddler and elementary aged kids - sand and slides and more!
    • 12. Bonfire Cove: Campfire, water, stars, marshmallows… It is the American dream! Available by arrangement.
    • 13. Bunkhouse 1: The houses where our summer staff bunk. Sometimes youth groups do too.
    • 14. Bunkhouse 2: The houses where our summer staff bunk. Sometimes youth groups do too.
    • 15. Zip Lines: Open by appointment, our 42 foot tall zip lines have been terrifying people since 2003.
    • 16. Outdoor Volleyball: Grab some teams and play in the sand - grownup style!
    • 17. Outdoor Basketball: Shoot some hoops, play HORSE, practice your dribbling.
    • 18. Softball Field: Take a swing and see if you can get the ball to the water.
    • 19. Big Swing: Big Swing: 30ft + gravity - death = adrenaline! Available seasonally and by arrangement.
    • 20. Soccer Field: Kick a goal while running like crazy!
    • 21. Tennis Courts: Game, set, match! Forget your racket? We've got you covered.
    • 22. Frisbee Golf: Our disc golf course meanders around our playing fields. Loaner discs are available at the first tee.
    • 23. Pier: Amazing view in all directions! Worth a stroll any time of year.
    • 24. The Bluff: This is the official name for the hillside where we gather in the summer to sing songs and watch the sunset. While small children roll down the hill. They just do.
    • 25. The Water: It is the North East River, at the top of the Chesapeake Bay. It is also gorgeous all year long. And wet.
    • 26. Out Thattaway: Is where the Pioneer Campground & RV Park, The MARSH Day Camp, the Perkins Pool and the Wilderness Campground are located.
    • 27. Pool/Bathhouses: The main pool, a wading pool and changing rooms open all summer. Also open the rest of the year, a heated sports pool and a hot tub in a glass house (not a great place to change, probably use your room instead).
    • 28. The 10th Hole: After 9 grueling holes of mini golf, stop by the 10th Hole for ice cream, cold drinks and a variety of snack food. Open seasonally.