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We have been so hopeful and excited to launch Converge in August 2020 and expand the program with two levels of growth opportunities and many exciting additions to the program. The COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions for the hospitality industry impacted our ministry immediately and continues to have longer term impact on future guest stays.

The cornerstone to the Converge program is a vigorous cross training in all areas of hospitality that we serve others with at Sandy Cove. With our reservations reduced, and the future outlook continues to tell the story of fewer guests into the fall, it is unlikely we can hold to our high standard of training and employment for our Converge Interns. Without a sufficient number of guests there are limited work opportunities.

Although our spiritual journey and learning and growing closer to the Lord could still be accomplished, without the training and serving opportunities, the program is incomplete.

Therefore, with great sadness we have come to the very difficult decision to have the Converge program take a year off. We will not have a Converge Internship program starting in 2020, but we trust God is in control and we pray for the program to be offered again in 2021, stronger, expanded and better than ever.