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    Some of my group members have special dietary needs. Can Sandy Cove help?
    If a guest has a specific allergy or dietary needs, they may complete the Food for Thought form and our chefs will be happy to accommodate them. Please have one form for each guest completed and returned 2 weeks prior to arrival.
    When are meals served?
    Breakfast: Monday – Saturday 8:00 – 9:30 am | Sunday 7:30 – 9:00 am
    Lunch: 12:00 – 1:30 pm daily
    Dinner: Saturday – Thursday 5:30 – 7:00 pm | Friday 6:00 – 8:00 pm
    How are meals served?
    All group meals are served buffet style.
    What type of food is provided?
    The menu is “chef’s choice” and is usually a choice of two main entrees, vegetables and a starch (potatoes, rice or pasta). A full salad bar is provided at lunch and dinner. Daily menus are posted outside the dining room.
    Will our group get to sit together in the Dining Room?
    Yes, there will be tables specifically assigned for your group with a group name sign in the center. There are 8 chairs per table.
    What options do we have for snacks?
    Your group may choose to have a catered Snack Reception or a Beverage Break for an additional fee. Please choose from the list of options provided. Snacks and Hors d’oeuvres | We must have a minimum of 2 weeks notice.
    There are beverage vending machines located on all 3 floors of the Chesapeake Lodge and snacks available for purchase at the front desk.
    The Sandy Cove Snack Shop, has set open hours from Memorial to Labor Day – your group may request additional hours for a potentially refundable fee.
    May we bring our own snacks/drinks for our meeting room?
    Yes, BUT they must be non-perishable, individually packaged items (vending machine style). No homemade, bulk items, or purchased platters, etc. are permitted.
    May we choose our own menus?
    Only if you are an exclusive group… in other words, your group is large enough that you have contracted every guest room in the Chesapeake Lodge (150). Otherwise, your meals will be chef’s choice to best meet the needs of all groups in house. If you will be an exclusive group leader, check out the menu options:

    Menus for Exclusive Groups

    Meeting Space

    Is a meeting room included in our retreat package?
    Yes, Sandy Cove provides a meeting space with your group package.
    May I pick my meeting room?
    A meeting room will be assigned based on the size of your group, as well as the size of the other groups who will be at Sandy Cove during that time. If you have a specific request, discuss this with your event coordinator and sales consultant and they will attempt to place you in your desired room if at all possible.
    What is included with our meeting room?
    Meeting rooms are set with the appropriate number of chairs for your group size, a podium in the front and a table in the rear. Each room comes with a screen and general room lighting. You may request a number of different setup styles (i.e. theater-style rows, semi-circle, classroom style, etc.). Work with your coordinator and sales consultant to determine what will best fit your group in your assigned meeting room. Table set ups are based on a first come first serve basis as well as the capacity of your meeting space. Table rentals may apply.
    What if we need an extra meeting room / breakout rooms?
    If there are extra meeting rooms available for the dates you are requesting, you may rent a room for an additional fee.
    May I request special set up?
    Initial setup of your meeting room is free. If we have to rent additional equipment, we will gladly do that for you and you will be charged accordingly. The cost of a turn-over (totally different setup) after initial setup is $125.
    Do we have to share our meeting room?
    Your meeting room is available exclusively for your group for the duration of your contracted retreat times. Meeting rooms are normally locked around 10:30 pm and opened again by 8 am, but if you would like access to them between those hours simply let your event coordinator know and the room can remain open and accessible. A key may be available to you upon request. If you’d like access to your room before your contracted time on the day you arrive, check with your event coordinator for availability.


    What time may we check in to the guest rooms?
    Guest rooms are generally available for check in at 4 pm daily. If your rooms are ready and available before that time, we will gladly allow you to check in sooner.
    What is the process for checking out?
    Check out of guest rooms is at 10 am the day you are leaving. Keys simply need to be dropped off at the front desk (individually or as a group) by 10 am.
    May I add more people or get additional rooms?
    Yes, as long as we have the space available. If you anticipate having more people than you had contracted for, make sure to let your event coordinator know as soon as possible to ensure that there is space available. (Space meaning: guest rooms, meeting rooms and dining room). Adding more people to the rooms you already have reserved is not usually a problem, but it’s always a good idea just to let your coordinator know if you are expecting more people whether you need more rooms or not to ensure that there is enough space in your meeting room and enough food ordered in time.
    How many people can I put in a room?
    The majority of our rooms have 3 separate beds so we encourage triple occupancy as much as possible. Suites are available to accommodate couples retreats and family rooms are available to accommodate family groups or youth retreats. Take a look at the Chesapeake Lodge rooms.
    Will our rooms be all together?
    We do our best to block rooms on the same floor or wing if possible. The earlier you book your retreat, the better the room selection.
    Is there a camping option for my group?
    Yes. We offer log cabins in our campgrounds, as well as a group tenting area.
    How are rooms assigned?
    Rooms are typically assigned to accommodate the number of guests in your contract.


    If your group is less than 10, please call the reservations department at 800-234-2683.

    What should I know before calling to contract my group?
    We need to know the type of event you are planning (i.e. women, youth, couples), as well as the number of guests that will be attending. Please have a couple of possible dates in mind so we can check availability.
    What is included in my retreat package?
    Sandy Cove package rates include lodging, meals and a wide variety of recreational activities. A meeting room is included for groups with a valid contract.
    What are the benefits of having a group contract?
    Sandy Cove package rates include lodging, meals, meeting space and a wide variety of recreational activities.
    Each group is assigned an event coordinator to assist with meeting room, rooming list, and agenda needs.
    We'll work with you on a payment plan, with an initial 10% deposit to get you started.
    How many people do I need to have to qualify as a group?
    We are able to contract groups that have at least 10 guests and offer them our package rates and group benefits at any time.

    Please note: Groups of 10-24 guests are permitted to book with a group contract within 60 days of the event.

    Groups of 10 or more guests that are participating in a Sandy Cove event may be contracted through Group Ministry at any time.

    Groups of less than 10 guests may contact Reservations directly to book as Personal Retreat guests within 60 days.
    How many guests can you accommodate?
    Sandy Cove has 150 guest rooms that can accommodate up to 600 overnight guests. Additional overnight guests can be accommodated in our campgrounds or local hotels. With special arrangements, we can accommodate groups of 1000 or more for dining and meeting space.
    What are your rates?
    Package rates are available for both midweek and weekend stays as well as summer and non-summer stays. Packages include lodging, meals, meeting space and a variety of activities. Please call for specific rates for the dates you have in mind.
    Are there taxes and gratuities?
    If you are a tax-exempt organization, you will not be charged the 6% Maryland sales tax. There are no other gratuities or surcharges.
    Are there additional fees?
    Some groups like to add on audio/visual equipment to enhance their retreat. Snack receptions are also a popular add-on.
    What type of payment do you accept?
    E-check, organizational check, or these credit cards:
    • American Express
    • Master Card
    • Visa
    • Discover
    Can you accommodate youth groups?
    Yes, we can. We have youth packages available, with a reduced rate based on a higher occupancy per room. Typically youth retreats are booked within 6 months of the event date.
    If we bring a women’s group, will there be men’s groups at Sandy Cove?
    On any given weekend, Sandy Cove can host between 5 and 10 groups. While you do share dining space and recreation facilities, each group is assigned their own designated meeting space.


    Do you have WI-FI?
    Yes, we do…but keep reading. We encourage you to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect with God, family, and friends. However, we understand that not everyone can completely disconnect. So we are happy to offer FREE wireless access throughout the Chesapeake Lodge and a computer kiosk in the Morning Cheer Café. No longer limited due to Sandy Cove’s rural location, our 50 Mbps fiber optic feed allows for hundreds of simultaneous connections.
    What’s cell coverage like?
    Cell coverage is generally good on the grounds, but can diminish the “deeper” you get into the Chesapeake Lodge.
    May I bring my own sound/video system?
    Yes. Sound systems, projectors, and other AV items for the meeting rooms are available for a rental fee or you may bring your own. If you would like to rent equipment, reserve it through your event coordinator. Each room comes with a screen and general room lighting.

    Event Services Information and Pricing
    May I rent your system and substitute some of my personal equipment?
    Absolutely, provided that the system is compatible with what you are bringing. Due to our room setups and our desire to give you the best reliability possible, we cannot break up our sound or video packages.

    Event Services Information and Pricing
    How do the equipment rates work?
    The rates are by the day. We do not do half days. The weekends are considered two days with Friday and Sunday typically being 2 half days equaling one day.
    Do you have someone who can run sound/video for our group during our retreat?
    Yes, we can tech your event for you for an additional fee. Ask your event coordinator to set this up for you.
    What do we do if we are having technical difficulties?
    There will be an Audio Visual Technician assigned to the weekend that is on call to assist with rented equipment. The Event Technicians who work from 7 am to 11:30 pm are also able to assist you.


    How do I get to Sandy Cove?
    From I-95 (a toll road), take Maryland Exit 100 (northbound) or 100A (southbound), onto Route 272 South, to the town of North East. About three miles past the quaint downtown district, you’ll see Sandy Cove’s large sign on the right. Click here for further directions.
    Do you have free parking?
    Yes! We have a large, well-lit parking lot.
    Are there limits to how many vehicles we can bring?
    No, although we encourage you to car pool if possible.
    Do you have any suggestions for transporting my group to Sandy Cove?
    Executive Coach provides motor coaches of all sizes.
    Is there public transportation?
    Yes, please see our Transportation page.


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