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    Retreats are a great way for groups to build relationships, and find spiritual encouragement. But what can you do when you don’t have time and energy to plan the whole thing, or you only have resources for no bells, and half a whistle?

    The answer is to join in with us! We will bring all the bells and whistles, and do all the planning! All you have to do is get your group of 10 to 40 to 90 people signed up and here (which can be like herding cats, we admit). But then you can sit back and enjoy dynamic speakers, fantastic worship, activities galore, and a chance to see your group bonding. We’ll set aside tables in the dining room for you, provide a space for you to meet for discussion, and help you to have a wonderful time together. It’s a great option for women, men, couples and even families.


    Options for Groups

    There's lots going on at Sandy Cove! Check out some of the events that other groups are plugging into.

    Prefer to Create Your Own Group Experience?

    Instead of attending a Sandy Cove event, we can help you build your own amazing group experience!

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