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    If you’re the point person tasked with making reservations for a large group, then you’ll need to tackle a rooming list.  From roommate preferences to special requests, it’s a big job that takes some forethought and lots of patience. But it’s for a good reason.

    Make check-in a breeze
    First, a rooming list helps streamline the check-in process for groups, giving venue staff an up-to-date total with corresponding names and room numbers. Your group will be grateful that you did the heavy lifting before their arrival, enabling them to grab a key and head straight to their room to unpack. 

    In case of an emergency
    Emergencies happen, and an accurate rooming list lets staff and emergency personnel know where everyone is supposed to be; and if someone in your party gets locked out of their room in the middle of the night, you won’t be getting a knock on your door because the hotel can confirm their name and room number from the list.

    Just sign here
    Finally, your venue contract and final bill will likely include per person charges for all or a portion of the event. Calculating an accurate final balance necessitates a clean and up-do-date list.

    Groups can range from 10 to hundreds. Here are 10 tips to help you pull together a great rooming list no matter the size of your event:

    1.  Ask your hotel or conference center for a preformatted room list with room types and descriptions.
    2.  Leverage social media, text, and other platforms to generate interest and meet your group minimum.
    3.  Examine location of the rooms in proximity to others if you’re looking to reserve an entire block of rooms, a wing, or floor.
    4.  Find out whether a cot is allowed in a  room and counts toward occupancy.
    5.  If you’re planning a youth retreat, does the hotel require an adult in every room?
    6.  Make sure you date the latest version of your rooming list to avoid confusion.
    7.  Ask about name changes and reservation cutoff dates and make sure they’re clearly reflected in your contract. 
    8.  Include birthdates for minors to get discounts and to ensure billing accuracy.
    9.  If you’re bringing event staff or a speaker, don’t forget to add them to the list.
    10. Communicate regularly with your hotel partner to minimize confusion or onsite issues after you check in.

    Take the time to collect the right information as you plan your group retreat and you’ll enhance the guest experience for yourself and your group once you arrive.

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