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    Bring Your Group to a Sandy Cove Event

    Better Together!

    Let us take care of the planning and details, while you gather your group of 10 or more, and then we will bring it all together for a fantastic event for everyone!

    (Groups of less than 10 are still welcome to attend events, but you would just make individual reservations instead of going through Christine for a group contract)

    So take a look through our events for the one that would be perfect for your group, then follow the steps below.

    Here's an overview of our booking process, from start to finish.


    1. Fill out our interest form

    By filling out this form, we'll get the information we need to get the ball rolling. You'll have an opportunity to tell us a little about your group, the event you are thinking about attending, and estimated size.

    Participating Group Interest Form

    2. Talk with Christine

    Once you've submitted our Interest Form, Christine will contact you. She is the consultant for all our participating groups, and can tell you more about the event, pricing, how the contract works, plus answer questions you may have.

    3. Sign your contract and set up a payment plan

    When you are ready, and have a handle on how many people you plan to bring, whether that will be double, triple, or quad occupancy, and things like that, Christine can pull together a contract for you to sign. You will pay a deposit to hold those rooms, and set up a payment plan for the balance.

    4. Promote the event to your group and sign them up

    This is your time to shine! Get the word out and get your group signed up to attend. About 2 months before the event, you will hear from  our Program Events Coordinator. They will get your rooming list entered in our system so check in goes smoothly, and take care of other details. If you can include emails with your rooming list, we can send each of your group members a pre event email with helpful details. Otherwise, we will rely on you to forward that info along to them.

    5. Come Together and Enjoy!

    When you arrive you will connect with the Program Events Coordinator, who will help you get all your packets, room keys, etc. to hand out to your people. You will have tables for your group flagged in the dining room, and a space for your group to gather for discussion after the sessions. An event coordinator will be available throughout the event to help with anything that comes up, and make you look like a genius. We appreciate our group leaders!

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