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    If you're new to the world of meeting and event planning, this is a great blog post to read before diving into checklists, spreadsheets, committee meetings, and decision-making. As you think through the specifics of your event, take venue selection seriously. It may be easiest to book the nearest hotel or community room, but thinking out of the
    Event attendees expect something to decent to eat, a comfortable room to meet in, and a respectable speaker to listen to, but unique, unexpected touches like a photo booth on a rainy day, an ice cream sandwich giveaway on a hot afternoon, and free event t-shirts upon arrival - well, they're things that won't soon be forgotten.
    Having a game plan in place before event preparations begin will help you to feel focused, prepared, and even capable of troubleshooting. Before signing a venue contract or sending an invitation to a guest speaker, start your planning process by identifying your event's goals, constraints, planning team, partners, and tasks.
    It takes a lot of work to research, narrow down, and pick the right venue for an event. Once you've found the perfect place and had a great experience from start to finish, it's a no-brainer to keep going back because you know exactly what to expect. As a volunteer event planner, your workload is a bit lighter when you have a winning venue in your back pocket.