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    Welcome to Be Inspired, the podcast that brings you transformational teaching from Sandy Cove Ministries. Located on the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, Sandy Cove exists to help people connect with God and each other, in order to be transformed into the image of Christ through His Word, His Creation, and community. Each episode of Be Inspired is hosted by Sandy Cove's President, Stephen J. Weaver, and features some of today's most effective communicators.

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    • Why We Need Hope, Part 1 Listen

      September 20, 2021

      If we’ve learned anything from these past 18 months it’s that very little in life is truly certain...and circumstances can change in a moment. If we’ve learned anything from these past 18 months it’s that very little in life is truly certain...and circumstances can change in a moment.  When that happens to you, you need hope that there is someone and something far bigger than all the chaos around you who will not change ... or let you down...or leave you alone...ever.  Today, Carlos Whittaker brings us some much needed good news in this Episode of Be Inspired.  
    • Conflict, Part 2 Listen

      September 13, 2021

      On today’s episode of Be Inspired, we’re talking about conflict.  Interpersonal tension between 2 or more people that has the potential to ruin a meal, or, if left unchecked, ruin a marriage, a family, a friendship ... even your own life.  For most of us, we learned how to approach conflict from our own family...and for many that is all we know to do.  But what if there was a better way to handle conflict?  What if there was a way to turn conflict from a foe to a friend?  Well, that’s today on this episode of Be Inspired.
    • Conflict, Part 1 Listen

      September 06, 2021

      Conflict.  Conflict is as universal as breathing.  But how we deal with our conflict is vastly different.  Some of us aggressively confront conflict ... some of us hide from it and hope it will go away ... while others have discovered how to make conflict a positive thing. Now, if that sounds like a radical idea ... listen in as Joe Holman and his wife Denise share some very practical wisdom about how to approach conflict.   
    • Fearlessly Looking at Our Past, Part 2 Listen

      August 30, 2021

      We all have them.  Life patterns of attitudes and behaviors that just seem impossible to break. The good news is, you CAN break them and establish new and healthier patterns for your life. Be prepared to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired.
    • Fearlessly Looking at Our Past, Part 1 Listen

      August 23, 2021

      If you’ve ever wondered why you do what you do, and maybe wish you could change your life for the’s episode of Be Inspired delivers some eye opening truth about how our past influences our life today...and potentially our future.  This is content you can use right now.
    • Get it Right With God, Part 2 Listen

      August 16, 2021

      How does your failure impact your relationship with God?  In your heart of hearts, how do you think God feels about you when you mess up?  On today’s podcast, Dr. David Anderson reveals some truth about God that may just be life changing for you.
    • Get it Right With God, Part 1 Listen

      August 09, 2021

      Have you ever wondered what God is REALLY like?  Is He a cosmic policeman ... just waiting for you to mess up so He can punish you?  Or maybe you see Him  more like a doting Grandparent or perhaps a divine Santa Claus. Whatever you believe to be true about God will influence everything about your faith.  Everything.  Today, Dr. David Anderson peels back some of the mystery about God ... and the results are nothing short of amazing. 
    • What Does God Really Want from Me? Part 2 Listen

      August 01, 2021

      So, where is the intersection of faith and culture? Does the Bible ... does Christianity ... intersect with our lives today? Richard Dahlstrom takes a straight on look at why the church has failed to stay relevant, and what we need to do to get it ... and us ... back on track.
    • That Does God Really Want From Me? Part 1 Listen

      July 26, 2021

      We often hear what God wants FOR us...but have you ever wondered what God wants FROM you? Richard Dalhstrom reveals what God wants all of His children to be doing right now, and how this one activity can transform your perspective on God, others, and even yourself.
    • Why Knowing Is Half the Battle, Part 2 Listen

      July 19, 2021

      Is life just beating you down? Are you finding obstacles and hurdles at almost every turn? Perhaps today's episode will bring some clarity to your situation. Clarity found in an unusual place: an ancient story about a man and a fish.
    • Why Knowing Is Half the Battle, Part 1 Listen

      July 12, 2021

      The story of Jonah and the Whale has been told and retold in just about every communication medium. From cartoons, to songs, to movies, and books ... the story of Jonah's journey is almost universally known. But Albert Tate takes a different look at what Jonah might have been up to ... and why this ancient story can make an impact on us today.
    • Does God Really Talk to People? Part 2 Listen

      July 05, 2021

      Today’s episode tackles a topic that can be ... and has been ... very divisive. Rob Whittaker asks and answers the question: Does God Really Talk to People? His teaching style dials down the emotion, respects the various viewpoints, and still delivers a definitive talk that will hopefully broaden your thinking and understanding of how God speaks to us today no matter where you are on the spectrum of this topic.
    • Does God Really Talk to People? Part 1 Listen

      June 28, 2021

      So, does God still talk to people? If so, how do you know if what you are hearing is actually from God? Rob Whittaker pulls back the curtain on this often misunderstood topic and brings a fresh perspective for us to consider.
    • The Power of Soul Rest, Part 2 Listen

      June 21, 2021

      Is resting a hard thing for you to do? If you like to work ... if you like to be busy ... if you like having a list and checking it off ... you probably have a hard time just resting. Well, if you can relate to that, you will find today's episode both convicting and maybe life changing. It's a message that most of us in America need to hear. The Path to Rest ... with Curtis Zackery.
    • The Power of Soul Rest, Part 1 Listen

      June 14, 2021

      In a world that constantly pushes us to do more, be more, get more ... today's program provides a much needed reset. Curtis Zackery says that the cure for living under the pressure of today's breakneck pace is what he calls, Soul Rest. Hit the pause button on life for 30 minutes and find the path to true rest on this episode.
    • The Pearl of Patience, Part 2 Listen

      June 07, 2021

      Is there something in your life ... some health issue ... or relational problem ... or a job difficulty that just seems to go on and on and on? You've pleaded with God but the issue hasn't gone away ... and frankly, you are about to just throw in the towel? Today, Brian Loritts shares what God may be up to in your life ... and why you shouldn’t throw in the towel.
    • The Pearl of Patience, Part 1 Listen

      May 31, 2021

      It's been said, don't pray for patience! But what if patience is the key to a life filled with joy, gratitude, and grace? What if patience truly brings out the best in you? How can you move into that space? Brian Loritts provides insight and practical steps to embracing patience every day.