Sandy Cove Ministries - Technology
Connect Now  

    Disconnect so that you can reconnect.

    When you're not checking Facebook, writing emails, or watching TV, you have more time to connect with God and the people around you.

    One way we encourage guests to focus on God and each other is by not having televisions in lodging rooms. By the end of your stay, you'll be thankful for the intentional break from electronics.

    We understand that not everyone can completely disconnect from technology. So we're happy to offer free wireless access throughout the Chesapeake Lodge and a computer kiosk in the Morning Cheer Café. No longer limited due to Sandy Cove’s rural location, our new 50 Mbps fiber optic feed allows for hundreds of simultaneous connections.

    Additionally, there's a TV Room that you can access with your room key and a TV in the Fitness Center, both with DIRECTV and a DVD player.

    Cell phone coverage is generally good on the grounds but can diminish the “deeper” you get into the lodge