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    The Marsh  

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    Helping kids connect with God and each other!

    The Marsh

    Day Camp

    The Toadally Awesome Marsh – A Christian Day Camp in North East, Maryland

    Hello from The Marsh! I am sure you have questions about this summer, because I am asking the same questions too – mostly “Are we going to get to open The Marsh this summer?”

    And while we can all agree that getting our kids back into the routine of playing outside and swimming every day would be awesome, the safety and health of campers and staff is, as always, our highest priority. There are a lot of factors that will decide whether we can run The Marsh this summer, and what that will look like, but for now all we can do is wait and watch alongside you to see how things continue to unfold.

    We are hopeful that by the end of May we will have a great deal more clarity, and will be able to share the details of a full plan for The Marsh, including any adjustments necessary in response to the virus, allowing you to make good decisions for your family for the summer months.

    Thanks for your patience as we encounter this new situation together!

    Chief Evelyn | Director of The Marsh

    Everything from playing in the pool to making s’mores to canoeing to building volcanoes to archery to creating forts in the woods to making new friends.



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