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    Let's start with gratitude. Being thankful and finding practical ways to express it are known to make our lives better — boosting mood, reducing stress, improving sleep, strengthening our connections with other people. And that's just for starters. The list of science-backed benefits is a long one. 

    But there's an ancient source that's been touting the importance of giving thanks far longer than researchers have been studying it. Science is just catching up to the Bible's unambiguous instruction to give thanks in all circumstances.

    Paul, the man who penned those words, wanted us to know that expressing gratitude is not a self-improvement project; it's a path to peace. It's what God wants for you. And to live in harmony with His will has an enormous impact on our wellbeing.

    The story goes that if you start writing down everything you have to be thankful for, you won't be able to stop. Gratitude begets gratitude. Thanksgiving multiplies. Gratefulness grows.

    With that in mind, what are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? If you're anything like me, once you get your list started, you'll find your mind and heart flooded with the memories, moments, and miracles God's graciously allowed you to experience, and you won't be able to write fast enough.

    Tom Ward
    Tom Ward
    The son of a pastor, Tom caught a glimpse of the church’s potential to bring real and lasting change to the lives of hurting, broken people at a very young age, and he knew from then on that he wanted to invest his life in ministries that share the love of Jesus with others. That’s what brought him to Sandy Cove Ministries as the Director of Development, a role that he finds “challenging,” “fun,” and “extraordinarily rewarding.” When he's not at work, Tom can usually be found with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other, or spending time with his wife, Cherie, and their three kids, Ashleigh, Sarah, and Ethan. He also loves to share the love of Jesus in the developing world, especially among the poor.
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