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    wrumh. That was all that happened when I turned the key – one little pathetic wrumh and then nothing.

    After a nice night out, we had swung by Walmart to grab a few more items. I stayed in the car to listen to the latest Orioles loss (thank you for your sympathies…) and when my family rejoined me was when wrumh happened, and we were suddenly not on our way home.

    There were about 5 helpful guys hanging around the Walmart parking lot at 11pm (I know, right?) and they offered me a jump, but to no avail. (Unless you count a small puff of smoke from under the engine as “avail”.)

    Rule #1 when your car won’t crank well is to check your battery connections. You know this. I know this, mostly from past experience with corroded terminals. But my battery terminals were in great shape! I had bought them special, because the little red and green felt washers were included, and then I had sprayed them with the special terminal coating so no corrosion in sight!! However, a closer inspection by daylight the next day revealed that my corrosion free terminal was actually cracked! Not a big crack, just enough to make it loose – would that actually be enough to cause my major issue?

    The AAA guy was crabby about the idea of having to push my car to where his rollback could retrieve it, so even though I told him jumping had not worked,  he brought over his big battery box, hooked the short thick cables to my battery (with a new terminal I had installed) and Voila! (actually, “Waa lah!” is the correct translation when in a Walmart parking lot…) no more wrumh! It started right up, and has been running fine ever since.

    Naturally, when my car breaks down I feel compelled to write a blog post about it (see A Screw Is Loose) and this one is easy. If Rule #1 is to check your connections, how is your connection with God? How is your connection with the people in your life? Is there corrosion present that needs cleaned up? Or maybe everything looks fine at first glance but a closer inspection reveals a crack? There are lots of ways to improve these connections; it just takes a little effort and attention. Also, you can think of Sandy Cove as the big battery box my AAA guy had. Our mission is to help people connect with God and each other, so when you need a big boost to jump start your connections we are here for you!

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    Nate Ransil
    Nate Ransil
    Nate joined the Program department at Sandy Cove in 2003, and transitioned to director of that team in 2014. Nate graduated from Houghton College with a double major in Communication and Outdoor Recreation (yes, it is a thing) and got to know his wife Evelyn while co-leading backpacking trips for at-risk youth. Hopefully not as at-risk are their two sons, Caleb and TJ, who have spent all their summers at Sandy Cove, Camp Sandy Cove, and The MARSH! Nate enjoys being outside, being inside, being handy, the beach, snowboarding, roller coasters, training aardvarks, bodybuilding, contributing to quantum theory, and making up fanciful, if not entirely accurate, biographical details.
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