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    It takes a lot of work to research, narrow down, and pick the right venue for an event. Once you've found the perfect place and had a great experience from start to finish, it's a no-brainer to keep going back because you know exactly what to expect. As a volunteer event planner, your workload is a bit lighter when you have a winning venue in your back pocket.

    That's why event planners keep coming back to Sandy Cove. We're able to provide them with everything they need, even beyond their expectations. We take their checklists and make them a reality.

    Here are just four reasons why groups keep coming back to Sandy Cove.

    Christ-centered focus

    “Sandy Cove is an amazing Christian Retreat . . . I recommend any church group to have your retreat here. It’s impossible not to draw closer to God here. . . ” Janelle, FB review

    Because we truly believe that Jesus never fails, it's our mission to help you and your group connect with God and each other in order to be transformed into the image of Christ. With biblical principles at the helm, we strive to offer opportunities for rest, refuge, retreat, renewal, and recreation.

    Our focus on Christ's love and servanthood permeates the heart of the ministry from the highest level of leadership down to hands-on ministry staff - and it doesn't go unnoticed!

    Great facilities

    “One amazing place to have a Christian retreat! . . . The facilities are amazing! Food is great! Staff very helpful and friendly!" TJR, Buxton, NC

    “Sandy Cove provided fabulous facilities for my church’s worship team and speakers to carry out our women’s ministry program!” Rebecca, Reading, PA

    From meeting space and lodging to meals and a fitness center, everything can be experienced under the roof of our main conference facility. We keep everything clean and in top condition so that guests don't have to worry about anything else except being well rested, connecting with God, and having a great time.

    Want fresh air? Great! We encourage it! Walk around the campus, enjoy time on the water in either a kayak or canoe, try out our zip line, take a swim, or play mini golf. We guarantee you'll have a blast no matter what you choose. 

    Super staff

    “Sandy Cove’s staff and facility were accommodating, enabling us to get alone with God and also as a group to minister to one another!” Donna, Fitchburg, MA

    In addition to the specific staff you work with to plan your event, you'll find the rest of the Sandy Cove staff to be equally as helpful.

    Everywhere you go on our campus, you'll bump into our friendly staff who is willing to go above and beyond to help out if needed. Our staff naturally cares about you and your stay with us. They'll do whatever it takes to make your stay one that's relaxing and spiritually energizing.

    And remember, if someone in your group has dietary needs, our staff is happy to accommodate their requests. 

    Ideal location

    “Beautiful setting! You see God’s handiwork everywhere you look and within the staff . . . " Barb, Landisville, PA

    We're located halfway between Baltimore and Philadelphia in the town of North East, Maryland, just 10 minutes south of I-95, and 1 hour south of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We're easy to find and access, and we have plenty of onsite parking. Whether your group is carpooling or arriving together on a bus, there will be parking available.

    Our conference center rises majestically above the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay in North East, Maryland. The water is beautiful, and the bay breeze is soothing. Watch the sun set over the bay each night. It doesn't get much better than that! 

    Looking for a place to host your next retreat? Consider Sandy Cove.

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