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    More than 2,400 people attended the 2019 Summer Together Family Camp. While we may be biased, we believe this was one of our best summers yet, thanks in part to the hard work of folks behind the scenes, like our programming team. 

    Andrea Hampton, who leads our Women’s Ministry program events, offers insight into what makes a great event, and the joy of watching guests minister to each other.

    You have interacted with thousands of women during program events.  What are your priorities when pulling an event together? 

    An important foundation is remembering that this is God’s ministry and to rely on His plan. James 1:5-6 encourages me to seek God’s wisdom! Also, it is exciting that I serve women who are beautifully diverse, with a myriad of interests, who come united seeking to hear and experience God’s Word. The ministry team prayerfully brings a rich knowledge of the Word and an ability to communicate to a wide audience.  I love that some of my events are very specialized, but ALL are opportunities for ladies, churched or unchurched, to come for rest and encouragement.

    How do you know when a program resonates with the audience?

    There are more ways than simply through the messages and music! A movie shown at Widows Journey was a guest’s moment to experience joyous laughter since her husband’s passing;at Craft Around the Clock, we see marvelous expressions of love created and gifted. Particularly encouraging are affirmative responses to a speaker’s invitation to follow Christ at Women’s Weekends or Girls Night Out/Day Off.  We then celebrate Luke 15:10, rejoicing with our new sisters in Christ!

    Tell us about your ministry to single parents during Family Camp. You facilitate Spaghetti (discussion) time and host a table for single parents at the Thursday night banquets.

    Yes! I enjoy providing an opportunity for this wonderful group of Christian men and women to connect and discuss the messages’ impact. There is no pressure to participate — some come to just listen.  But what REALLY excites me is seeing the parents minister to each other through their shared concerns and spiritual revelations. Also, a wonderful community of ongoing care and support is developed among single parent families and others.

    I am thankful that single parents are a part of, and not apart from, the Family Camp experience. Recall single parents who are cared for throughout the Bible: The ministries of Elijah and Elisha touched by single parents (I and II Kings); or the widow whose son Jesus raised from the dead (Luke).   

    My mother just celebrated 92 years and she raised me and my three sisters as a single parent. Therefore, I truly appreciate the strength and Godly purpose in this gorgeous woman; and that is what I see in the single parent families who come to Sandy Cove.

    Eighteen single-parent families attended Family Camp this summer thanks to your generosity. Thank you for supporting the Single Parent Scholarship Fund. Donate here. | More about Family Camp

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