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    Ministering Opportunities

    Want to Minister at Sandy Cove?

    Speaking and Singing at Sandy Cove

    As you can imagine, we receive many inquiries from people interested in ministering at Sandy Cove, either as a musician or a speaker. Most of our speakers and musicians come to us through professional recommendations, and rarely through unsolicited phone calls.

    However, if you would like to be considered, please send the following information for our review.

    • Your personal Statement of Faith
    • Your contact information, including an email address
    • A brief biographical sketch of yourself, including your personal testimony and your ministry
    • Your financial expectations - What you consider to be fair compensation, including travel
    • For speakers – Include at least 1 complete recorded message in front of a live audience indicative of your content and style (your recording will not be returned)
    • For musicians – Include at least 1 recording of your music indicative of your content and style (your recording will not be returned)

    After we receive your information, we will carefully review all of it and prayerfully consider your request. There is no need for you to follow up with us. Should we feel there is a place in our programming for your particular gifts or ministry, we will contact you.

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