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    A Widow's Journey

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    Gayle Roper

    Hostess and Speaker

    My husband fought against cancer for three and a half years, but in the end I became a widow after forty-seven years of marriage. The silence! The enforced solitude! Who did I talk things over with? Who did I do things with? Life couldn’t have been more different. But the Lord was and is the same.

    I’ve been a writer, speaker and teacher for more than fifty years now. I love telling stories with mystery or suspense and a touch of romance. I also love reading such books. I’ve written several non-fiction books over the years, but A Widow’s Journey is by far the most personal. Prayers for a Widow’s Journey (coming just in time for Widow’s Journey Weekend) follows close behind.

    Friday night From the Heart: Leftover Legacy: How often do we feel the leftover in our widowhood? Everything used to be nice and couple-y. Now the numbers are odd. We feel odd. Let’s talk about how we can make our new “oddness” a legacy that honors our husband’s memory and honors the Lord.

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