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    The Power of an Undesignated Gift

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    If you are anything like me, there is nothing more frustrating than ambiguity. For instance, it drives me crazy when I see the miscellaneous designation on a spreadsheet. “We don't know where it fits, so we will just bury it in 'miscellaneous.' ” What is lost when we do that is clarity.

    For many years, our generous donors gave money to a fund that was called “Where Needed.” The vagueness of the fund's name obscured its importance and purpose. To me, it sounded a lot like “miscellaneous.” Ultimately, it was not clear who the fund was intended to serve.

    A few years ago we revamped the fund, changing its name from Where Needed to the Family Foundations Fund. The shift in language was born out of our firm belief that as a mission-driven organization, everything we do should serve our mission and vision. At Sandy Cove, we are committed to building a firm foundation in Christ. Why? So that lives are changed and families are given every opportunity we can provide to become healthier and more biblically-based.

    Do we spend undesignated donations differently than we have in the past? No, not really. Much of that remains the same. What the change in the fund's name has done is remove the ambiguity. It keeps us connected to why we are here and what we are called to do. And it reflects the reality of how we view the resources we are given.

    When you donate to the Family Foundations Fund, you are partnering with us to show the love of Jesus, meet the greatest need, and give the gift of rest. It can be done through providing much-needed scholarships, but it can also fund a project on our property that keeps our infrastructure moving forward. Both are mission-critical and reflect our commitment to loving and serving people.

    A few years ago in our Water's Edge Dining Room, I had pursued someone who had made a gift to the Family Foundations Fund. I thanked them and told them how much I appreciated their generosity. They looked up at me and said, “For us, it's easy… We trust Sandy Cove.” I learned a lot about fundraising in that short exchange, and I do not take it lightly that with each gift we receive, there is a vote of confidence that says, “We trust you.” Thank you for putting your trust in us. I am humbled, grateful, and committed to stewarding your trust well.


    Stephen Weaver is the President and CEO of Sandy Cove Ministries.