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    When Hannah Saeli emerged from a traumatic end to her marriage, she knew her family needed bonding and healing in the form of a family vacation.

    Overwhelmed at the prospect, she prayed – then Googled – “family camp.” In what she calls an amazing provision from the Lord, Sandy Cove Ministries popped up on her screen.

    2018 marked her third summer at Sandy Cove, thanks to the generosity of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund. For Hannah, vacations at Sandy Cove have been a balm to her family, providing spiritual nourishment and great fun for her band of kids, ages 8 to 16.

    Hannah has faithfully shared a testimony about her stay, a chronicle of how God has used Sandy Cove to minister to her family through the years:

    “It is a place we laugh together, play together, learn and grow together. For a whole week, I didn't have to think about meals or what I would read for family devotions, or even how to make the kids smile! Sandy Cove family worship is engaging, silly AND meaningful.

    “Godly single parenting is like walking on water, and it’s impossible alone. But look! Here we are walking on water. The 40 posts supporting that Sandy Cove dock…they are like the people in my church, the ministry staff and guests at Sandy Cove and the anonymous scholarship donors. You give us a firm place to step as we walk out on the water to meet Jesus.

    “Sandy Cove has become a kind of sustaining grace as our life storm slowly settled over the last four years. God works his love and mercy deeply into our hearts here at Sandy Cove.”

    For Hannah Saeli, the impact of a Single Parent Scholarship is tangible and long-lasting. Thanks to donors like you, single moms like Hannah know they have the opportunity for rest and renewal.

    “It covers not just the fun activities but the spiritual level,” says Hannah. “It’s amazing that Sandy Cove can minister to us on so many levels in so many ways. I can’t really picture anything that would be parallel to it.”

    If you’d like to bless more families like Hannah’s, consider a gift to the Single Parent Scholarship Fund. It’s a wonderful opportunity to provide life-changing scholarships to those who need them most. Give Here.

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