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    Can I tell you a secret? The very first thing I did this Monday morning was to go in the opposite direction of my office. I left home early and drove directly to a local golf course. It was one of the first truly delightful mornings of spring and I had just gone through a stretch of days that were not filled with anything that would even remotely qualify as “play time.”

    I'm sure you are aware of the epidemic in our culture called busyness. To be honest, at times, I find myself a victim of it as well. It is so easy to get your calendar filled without even trying. The opportunity to have a completely full schedule with little margin left over to do anything, let alone anything fun, is more of the norm today.

    Some people would say that I'm spontaneous. Well, I'm fine with spontaneity, as long as I can check my schedule. Do you want to know how I found myself playing nine holes first thing Monday morning? Last week, I went into my calendar, saw that nothing was scheduled, and I blocked the time with the words “DO NOT SCHEDULE.” On Monday morning, I didn't check my emails; I just got in my car and drove to the golf course.

    Guess what?  The world didn't stop spinning. My work on Monday all got done. I showed up refreshed, energized and peaceful.

    I have heard golf referred to as “the best way to ruin a perfectly good walk.” But for about two hours, I had the most spiritual conversation with God that wouldn't have happened had I not chosen to play… and that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't scheduled it.

    If you are experiencing a life that is defined as “busy,” may I recommend a very quick read?  “Crazy Busy” by Kevin DeYoung

    Also, if you need a place to rest or play… I know a place that is just right for that. ;)

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    Stephen Weaver
    Stephen Weaver
    Stephen has a long history with Sandy Cove, dating back to his childhood where his walk with Jesus Christ began through the children’s camping ministry. Stephen served on summer staff at Sandy Cove during his teenage years and became the Program Director in 2008. Stephen’s involvement with the ministry has instilled in him a deep appreciation and love for the rich legacy of Sandy Cove Ministries. He has a firmly rooted passion for Sandy Cove’s mission of helping people connect with God and each other in order to be transformed into the image of Christ through His Word, His creation, and community. Stephen and his wife, Beth, live in North East, Maryland, with their son, Brock. They are active at Way of Life Community Church in Rising Sun, Maryland, where Stephen serves on the worship team and preaches on occasion.
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