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    This post was written by Sandy Cove Family Camp attendee, Molly Feldbush.

    There are a ton of things that I love about Sandy Cove. From quality time with my family and hanging out with my friends to great Bible studies and meaningful worship experiences, there's no place I'd rather be each summer.

    Vacations come and go. Sure, they may be fun and memorable, but they all pale in comparison to the relationships I've built over the years at Sandy Cove. 

    Friends, Spiritual Growth, and CrossWalk

    If you want to connect with God and your family, Sandy Cove is the place to be. After a week at Family Camp, I always return home feeling closer to God and my family.

    While I love being with my family during Family Camp, I also really look forward to being with my friends at “CrossWalk” (a group designed for Jr. and Sr. High students). CrossWalk Bible studies are taught by experienced pastors and the studies always help us grow as disciples of Christ. It's not all study though; we also enjoy special activities planned and facilitated by the dedicated CrossWalk staff.

    The CrossWalk staff is incredibly friendly. Some we even stay in contact with throughout the year. Honestly, the relationships built with staff members is one of the most fulfilling parts. To go somewhere on a family vacation and come back with dependable, godly role models is a true blessing. Never once did I feel like the staff talked to me because it was their job. They were so incredibly caring. I felt like I could talk to them about anything.

    Another wonderful benefit of attending Sandy Cove Family Camp is making great friends. Having attended with my family for several years now, I've had the joy of meeting some of my best friends as well as some that I know will last a lifetime. Every year we look forward to reuniting during Family Camp and picking up where we left off.


    Something that always stands out to me about Sandy Cove is how much fun worship is there. It's not about sitting quietly for hours in prayer in order to worship. The way they lead worship gets people of every age excited and enthusiastic about the Lord. To see everyone from toddlers to newlyweds to senior citizens excitedly give praise to God is inspirational!

    Beauty of Sandy Cove

    One of the most iconic things about Sandy Cove is the incredible view of the stunning bay. No matter the window, bench, or boat, the indescribable view of the water is breathtaking.

    Every summer we get our family photo in front of the water . . . and every Christmas we use that photo on our holiday greeting card.


    You should experience Sandy Cove for yourself!

    My family and I have a blast every year we come to Family Camp. You should give it a try. My younger siblings love it as much as us teenagers. There's something for everyone including age appropriate classes and activities. While I love the more adventurous activities (zip lining, the big swing, and kayaking), there are fun things for my little brother and sister to do, too (playgrounds, mini golf, and swimming).

    After you're done swimming or once your mini golf game is over, check out the "10th Hole" ice cream shop. They have snacks, delicious milkshakes, and ice cream cones! Yum!

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