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    3 Reasons to Get Away as a Couple

    A guest blog from Bruce McCracken, founder of House on the Rock Family Ministries. Over the years, Bruce and his wife Karen have spoken at Sandy Cove couples weekends and served as life coaches at Summer Together Family Camp. They also hold “Marriage Intensive” weekends at Sandy Cove throughout the year, to assist couples in crisis. You can learn more about Marriage Intensives here.

    Have you ever gone on a "Marriage Vacation"? I’m not talking about a second honeymoon or a special anniversary trip. I am talking about you and your spouse scheduling a regular time to get away together alone as a couple, without your kids, to deepen your relationship, friendship and intimacy.

    If you’re wrestling with that idea because you are a conscientious parent, ask yourself this question: Do you just want to be “parents together” … or do you want to have a fulfilling and foundational marriage to build your family on?

    I know that we all try to prioritize our marriages by putting the kids to bed early so we can have some couple time, but let’s be honest. Do you really focus on you as a couple during that time, or do you end up catching up on what needs to get done? I thought so…

    So, let me share with you 3 reasons why a marital vacation is important for you to consider taking:

    1. Because the busyness of your lives has weakened the priority of your marriage. Your life is crammed full of work and parenting activities. All that good stuff can wreak havoc on your most important relationship…your marriage. The tyranny of the urgent propels everybody and everything else to the front of your priority line, giving your marriage a backseat. A couple’s getaway offers you the time and attention to re-prioritize your marriage. Focused time away from home and work allows you to deepen your connection rather than just superficially dealing with the regular day to day routine issues of life.
    2. Because you’ve gotten a little bored or too comfortable: It’s too easy to get lazy…and to take one another for granted. Marriage vacations give you the chance to re-connect with each other in some new places and exciting new ways. Spending time together can increase the fun and friendship you haven’t experienced together for a while. Couple’s getaways can give your physical intimacy a boost as well.
    3. Because your kids want your marriage to succeed. The number one fear of most kids today is: Are you getting a divorce? When your children see that you are investing time, energy and money into your marriage they are not only encouraged, they are getting the message that marriage is important…which is setting them up for a better than average relationship with their future spouses.

    Your getaway doesn’t have to be to some exotic tropical retreat or expensive hotel. It doesn’t have to be one or two weeks long. You can farm your kids out to family or swap some babysitting with friends and simply stay at home for a fun-filled weekend together.

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