Guest Stories
Over and over again, guests tell their stories of how when they pause long enough to hear God at Sandy Cove and talk about what He is saying with others in their lives, renewed strength and hope to go on is found.

Keep in mind, we don’t think Sandy Cove is a magic pill for all of life’s woes. What we have found though is that when folks disconnect from the pressures in life that are causing us all to get overloaded and connect with God and each other in a place like Sandy Cove – they rediscover joy, peace and encouragement to go on.

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Read below to see what guests just like you have to say about their time spent at Sandy Cove…


I arrived at Sandy Cove without some very important (to me) travel equipment. You see, I have a terrible shoulder injury and cannot bear the pain without near constant ice packs. I was in panic mode when I realized my dilemma. I asked the gal at the front desk, Deanna, if by chance they had an ice pack. She did have a little one. She then shared she personally had a great one at home. She also offered to go home and get it when she could. She brought it back and found me :). She and your other front desk attendants were so kind and gracious to my neediest ice pack changing. Their care of me enabled me to focus on retreating!! Thank you for your kindness and ministry to me.

Spiritual Retreat

Coming Home

This is the 7th year I have had the pleasure to bring my children to Sandy Cove. I am a single mom of 4 children. Our first year going to Sandy Cove was 2008 which was the year that the bottom fell out of our life. It was the beginning of what was going to be a long and hard season for me and my children and one that we are still walking through. My marriage ended, my business stolen and my house lost. God was freeing me from everything that was a hindrance in the walk I was beginning with Him. Yes we lost everything but I was able to keep the most precious gift I had and that was my children. Each year at Sandy Cove I am given a new peace, a new hope, a refill of what I need to continue in my walk with God. My children have the opportunity to see what it is like for families to interact with each other, they see Godly men with their families, they are given biblical direction in their groups, they are given the freedom to make new friends and be with old ones. We have time to rest in our own time and time to connect as a family and be a family. Every year when we pull off the main road onto Sandy Cove we are returning home. Home to a place where it is family, awesome staff, awesome guidance and a renewing and refilling from speakers and friends. A place that you feel the presence of God. I am hoping through faith that this will be the legacy I can give to my children. A place we always meet each year to see each other spend time with God, reflect and refuel. Each year there is a blessing through the message that is given and each year when we leave my 4 children start the countdown to when we return. Thank you Sandy Cove and I can’t wait until next August when we get to Come Home Again.

Summer Together Family Camp 2014

Hilltop Counselor

I became acquainted with Sandy Cove through Hilltop summer camp back in 1988. We would bring campers to Sandy Cove for various activities, the majority being the water activities. I was always impressed with the number of families staying at the resort and how God was at the center of everything we did there (and at Hilltop). Thank you for making that a summer full of wonderful memories. I’d like to take my family there someday for family camp. It would be nice if you added another camp week and or weekend to your schedule. Our summer is booked up through the end of July every year.


A Blessing

We are so very grateful for the opportunity to come here for a retreat following a five-month deployment. Many people recognize the difficulties families face while they are apart, but not many understand how difficult it is to readjust once they are reunited. Operation Oasis has truly been a blessing in helping us to reconnect both emotionally and spiritually. Our time at Sandy Cove has allowed us to relax and spend time communicating and reflecting, bringing us closer than ever before. We cannot thank you and the entire staff here enough for their amazing hospitality!

Blessings, Brad and Laura Naugle
Weekend June 21, 2014


I am so grateful for the NOLB scholarship. My stay at Sandy Cove has been amazing. The atmosphere of Sandy Cove ushers in the presence and peace of God. I now realize the importance of breaking away from the busyness of life and resting. I will make it my business to return to Sandy Cove in the future. Thank you so much!

Girls’ Night Out and A Day Off, June 2014

Power Boost!

God has used this time and place to drag my attention back to Him. He also used it as a time to show me ways I have been slipping; ways I hadn’t noticed I was. Time to remount the saddle, time to renew my strength in the Lord. Thank you for providing this place where God can be experienced so clearly.

Operation Oasis guest, June 2014

A Worthy Investment!

Our men just attended Sandy Cove’s annual men’s conference for the second year in a row, and once again they are telling me that they are glad that they had made the investment of time and resources to go. Thanks Sandy Cove for bringing in quality men of God to bring the Word of God in such a sacred place as this.

The worship we entered into (thanks Steve) brought us into the throne room of God, and the teaching (thanks John) was stretching and challenging, as again I am confronted with the magnificent Love and Grace of God. Is it just me, or does the food continue to get better, as does the fellowship, and quality of how these retreats are run? Our guys also liked the different options for rest, recreation, and sports (thanks Nate)!

In close, I thank God for Sandy Cove – keep up the good work because it matters. Lives are being changed by what you do.

Rev. Carl Harris
Sandy Cove Men’s Retreat 2013

the best birthday present

I spent Labor Day weekend in Sandy Cove for the Family Fusion weekend thinking it would be a slightly boring weekend and a bad way to spend the last weekend before school and my birthday. How wrong I was! This weekend was a gift and one of the best birthday presents I could have received! There were just endless activities, amazing Christians, and plenty of embarrassing moments. (sorry for hitting you in the shoulder random guy in the gym… it was an accident, I didn’t mean to hit you even though you were watching…I just wanted to get the ball after it went out) Anyways, the whole experience was unforgettable I will be back next year for the Family Fusion weekend!

Kelly H
Family Fusion Labor Day Weekend 2013


Exactly what I needed during this dry season I’ve been in. You can feel it as soon as you arrive at Sandy Cove. Awesome week…taking it in…got some things out that my wife needed to hear, teachable moments with the kids…rest. Thank you.

Time to go. Heading down to N.C. to visit my daughter and her family, celebrate my grand daughter’s 3rd birthday. Not too far out of Sandy Cove and we lose about 2 1/2 hours of time with the family to traffic. I’m irritated, but I’m filled. I’m good. I make the bell sound and everyone in the car says “filler up!”

Just inside of N.C. with a 1/4 of a tank of fuel, time to stop soon. The car starts to lose power. We pull over and it stalls. Try starting it, cranking good but not starting. Can’t be the fuel, we still have an 1/8 of a tank. I get out, check a few things. Nothing obvious. Get under the car to check the fuel pump. I can hear it engaging when the key is turned. Tap the gas tank and it sounds bone dry, but there’s no way, we still have an 1/8 of a tank of fuel. Stuck on I-95, 1 1/2 hours from our destination. Going to be dark soon. Have to get the family off this road. I call my son-in-law and ask him to start heading our way, and call for a tow.

Frustration is growing – it’s dark, gotta get safe, what’s taking so long, what’s wrong with the car, gonna miss my grand daughters party, how much is this going to cost, gotta get back to Jersey by Monday. All of these things have my mind spinning into anger.

“Lord, help me stay calm, get my mind right, please. Help me lead them.” My wife and I talk, “Can it be possible that coming from a wonderful week with the “Filled up”, theme, that somehow the gas gauge has malfunctioned and we’re just out of gas?”

The tow truck arrives and I ask him to get us to the next gas station. We pull up to the pump and I start filling up. I look at the gas gauge and it’s still at 1/8 of a tank. My son-in-law pulls up. I look back at our gauge and it reads “FULL”. The gauge was just stuck and now it’s free. We can now head out to enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Now you can say it was a coincidence all you want, but I’m not buying it. This was a spiritual attack. The enemy knows that I sometimes let the little things spiral into big things that they are not. It was an attempt by the enemy to change my mind about the gift I had just been given of being “Filled Up” with the awesomeness of Christ, but in his attempt at craftiness by using the metaphor of being “filled up” to try and take just a little bit of that away, he failed, and we secured a victory for our side, as we were on our way laughing and praising Jesus.

Thought you would enjoy this story of what happened after we left Sandy Cove on Friday, July 27.

God Bless,
Chris Kaliczynski
Family Camp Dad, 2013

A Time To Return

I attended Sandy Cove in 1957 and I’m now 72 years old. I would like to return to the Cove for a visit. The time spent there was one of the highlights of my growing up days. I’m sure I will not be able to visualize where things were when I attended but it would be wonderful to return. I remember that the cafeteria was up on the hill and the swimming pool was down the hill. I still have the picture of the campers and counselors in front of that building. When I come I will bring the picture with me. I have been a minister in the CMA for 34 years before I retired and I’m still involved in teaching and mentoring ministries. I remember Bob Palmer who was on staff at the time. I played basketball for Nyack College and when we played in Philadelphia I saw Bob at the game. Looking forward to getting to the Cove this year. I live near Ocean City and so it will be possible to get there. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord in all these years…you have impacted many lives for the Kingdom of God.

Pat Farrell
Youth Camper


My family and I recently attended our first Family Fusion Weekend. Our children are preteen and teen years so it is sometimes hard to connect with them. We knew this would be an amazing opportunity to get them away from electronics and the pressures of another school year end and reconnect with them. The way God moved in my husband and son’s relationship was amazing. Normally the two don’t often see eye to eye but over the course of the weekend they were doing team exercises together peaceably, they played one-on-one basketball and my son received the advice on his game my husband offered, my husband was patient with my son, they played new games together and challenged one another. My heart overflowed with love to see “my boys” reconnecting with one another and extending grace towards each other and openly loving one another. My daughter and I were able to have some good preteen conversations and just laugh together and read stories to one another. We rode bikes and climbed the rock wall together–just spending uninterrupted time together was so wonderful. The take home activities (family time jar and family mission statement) are proudly displayed for all to see. The seminars really spoke to my husband and I and reminded us of the window of influence we have over our children and how it is slowly, but surely, closing and how we need to take advantage of every opportunity to draw them and ourselves closer to God. We are already working on our budget for next year to make sure that we make room to fit in Family Fusion Weekend. It has blessed our lives like no other vacation ever has!

Family Fusion Memorial Day Weekend 2013
Scholarship recipient

Finding my God given “gift”

I became a Christian at an early age. I attended Pilgrim Academy for my high school years. I then married at age 19 to whom I thought I was led to. The relationship became abusive (physically, mentally & sexually). As time went on it only got worse, to the point that I felt I would never see my 50th birthday. He had made numerous threats to kill my family if he went to jail for the abuse. After 24 years in this relationship the Lord started to work on me to leave. There were, what I felt, many obstacles holding me back from leaving. One by one the Lord took those barriers down. Looking back it was like one of the movies I’ve seen when someone is able to break free from the abuse. (That’s a whole different story I could tell which would be quite lengthy. If you are interested just let me know.) I was finally able to escape on 9//25/05. The Lord has been with me every step of the way providing guidance and support. The Lord even provided me with a very nice man & I have remarried.

My friends talked me into going to last year’s (2012) Women’s retreat in May at Sandy Cove. We had a great time. I have been searching for a few years trying to figure out what my “gift” was; that I know the Lord has given me, but I didn’t feel like there was anything special about me. We were listening to one of your speakers last year. I don’t remember her name. She was an older woman and her business was organization. She stated that to find your gift, what you are good at, look back on your life and see if there was something you have always done and that most likely is your gift. My friends were sitting on either side of me and they both poked me and said that my gift was photography. Looking back on my life I always had a camera with me (some cheap small camera) that I would take pictures of the events around me. In 2010 my new husband had given me a professional camera for my 50th birthday present. (The age I didn’t think I would be living to see; thinking I would have been killed by then). I have started a new business (Leap of Faith Fotos) and I am looking for the Lord to guide me on my new adventure and the life I never thought I would be living.

There is so much more to “my story”. I am always happy to share if that can help just one other person…

Colleen Sweeney
May Women’s Weekend 2012 – Beacon Evangelical Free Church

Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I decided to come only three short weeks ago. I returned from my 1st mission’s trip at the end of February 2012. To say that experience was NOTHING I had planned is an understatement. Because of this and a few other unfortunate circumstances, I have found myself wrestling with God and questioning if He is still speaking to me. Thanks to your generous gift and the fantastic teachings of Margaret Feinberg, I have been able to rekindle my fire for the Holy Spirit. I can once again hear Him saying “I love you.” A weekend away was what I required to finally “be still” and listen. Words cannot express my gratitude for the gift I was given. I will be back, but next time I will have my family.

Women’s Weekend

Standing in the Gap

Each year three friends and myself take the weekend in May to spend our time together in Sandy cove. Each year we come home saying this was the best weekend ever. Well, this year was no different. It truly was the best weekend ever. I was challenged beyond what I ever could imagine. The first evening with Donna Partow telling us to throw away our trivial prayer lists and begin to “stand in the gap” to set the tone for a new thinking in my life. My prayer life has changed and I am learning how to “stand in the gap” for life changing situations. I was challenged to have a burning desire to be used by Jesus in any way He can while we still have time here on earth. That desire has blossomed into some areas that I did not think were possible. I am so thankful for these weekends where God can meet me right where I am at. Thank you Sandy Cove.

Faye Hertzler
Narvon, PA

Thank You!

Thank you for creating a haven to come to when the world is so overwhelming.

Cynthia London
Abingdon, MD

Source of Joy

Along with getting to serve the Lord through serving people my greatest joy in being there was spending time with Mark and Lori. They are a real source of joy to me!!!

Ken Nair, Life Partners Christian Ministries
Phoenix, AZ

Building Strong Families

I can’t think of anyway to have built a better seminar around “Building Stronger Families” than the one we participated in this past weekend. Using creative ideas and activities, scripture and audience participation you built a theme of “staying on target” that has indeed given us the tools we need to grow in faith as a family.

Mark Bradley

Truly an Oasis

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Words truly cannot express what this week has meant to us. When my husband returned from deployment in January we were looking forward to some great connection time as a family. But, although it was great to have him home, his job rapidly went into crazy mode. Then finding out about an unexpected move this summer increased the pressure on everyone. This program is appropriately named. It has been an oasis for us as we are currently out of our home in Virginia and will leave Friday for our new home in Ohio.

We appreciate the time we have been able to spend as a family along with the time that we have had as a couple, thanks to Club Cove which our children completely enjoyed. What a great job you do. It is clear that a lot of thought and prayer goes into each week. You make it easy to balance activities with relaxation.

Again, thank you. From mini golf and ping pong to rock climbing and the wavecutter; from a fantastic speaker to not having to worry about what we are going to eat each meal, this has been a wonderful week.

Donna Krueger

Staying Connected with my Children at Sandy Cove

This was the first visit for my two kids and myself to Sandy Cove and I wanted to thank everyone involved for a great weekend. The kids (7 and 5) and I agreed that it was the best weekend we have ever spent together.

Being recently divorced it is very important for me to stay connected with my kids and Sandy Cove laid the groundwork for this and provided many tools that I’ll be able to use to raise my kids in God’s image. On Saturday night my 7 year old daughter asked that the next time we come to Sandy Cove if we could stay for a week. She has never asked that about any other weekends away.

Thanks again for all the hard work on everyone’s part.

Malvern, PA

Blessed Vacation Week

Our family participated in family week #4 this past July. It was an absolutely wonderful and blessed vacation week!! We are looking forward to returning and are sharing our Sandy Cove experience with all of our friends and family!!!

Militello Family


I can’t begin to express how much of an awesome time I had during my Girl’s Night Out treat.

It goes without saying that each time I visit, the serenity of Sandy Cove always takes my breath away. I know that all good things must come to an end, but your organization is stuck on me and I can’t wait until the next time I’m in the presence and on the grounds of your facility. In other words, “I am hooked on Sandy Cove”.

Upon entering down the driveway I watch and listen to the transformation of how the atmosphere changes. What a beautiful experience each time I visit.

Thank God for each and everyone of you and the great gifts he has given you all.

I always look forward to my stays at Sandy Cove and I hope to visit soon during the Spring/Summer upcoming events.

God Bless.

Jacqueline Price

Pastor Appreciation Gift from the Congregation

As Sandy Cove Ambassadors, we’ve tried to introduce Sandy Cove to our church family over the years. We’ve often invited various ones to join us, and as finances allowed, “gifted” certain folks with a stay at Sandy Cove. Having recently moved and desiring to introduce our new pastor to Sandy Cove, we were especially interested in the new Couples Retreat for Pastors to be held October 2008. But…we hesitated over the cost of $398. Then, we thought about what a super and unique Pastor Appreciation gift this would be for the whole congregation to give to their pastor! We decided to mount a “behind the scenes” love offering – eight families each contributing $50 (or sixteen families each giving $25.00). We are sure that our pastor will be delighted with this thoughtful gift – time alone together with his wife in the beauty and peace the Lord has provided at Sandy Cove!

Mary Lou

My experience at CSC was life-changing…

Dear Chief Tim,

My name is Stephanie. I am 14 years old. This summer I came to Camp Sandy Cove for mystery week 2008 and just had to email you and tell you something very important.

My experience at CSC was life-changing. It was unbelievable.

My relationship with God became even more beautiful and so did my life.

I have had good and bad things happen to me throughout my life.

Going to this camp changed everything.

Ever since I left, not a day goes by where I don’t call that place home.

Every day was a new adventure to me.

I met new people and they became what I call family.

Every day I reach out and worship the Lord and thank him for all He’s given me.

And one huge thing He’s given me in my life is the opportunity to go to Camp Sandy Cove, and come back with more faith, hope, happiness, and love in my heart.

All the chiefs at Camp Sandy Cove were amazing and helped me in so many different ways. They helped me to understand my relationship with God and every day it got even stronger.

I now walk down the right road with Jesus Christ at my side.

Every day is another adventure to me… another chance to tell someone of the things I learned, the things I believe, and the things I now know about God.

My life got a little happier, a little easier, a little better since I went to camp for just one week.

It is shocking the way it changed the way I see things, the way I feel, the way I treat others, and the way I treat myself.

My life is now so much more beautiful.

So thank you for everything. Thank you for the things that you do at Camp Sandy Cove. Thank you for being a part of a life-changing unbelievable wonderful beautiful incredible experience that I had there at camp.

Have a wonderful summer.


First time away from home

Chief Tim

I am writing to let you know that my daughters Mylz-12 and Morre’-8 attended Camp Sandy Cove for the first time during Super Hero Week. Not only was this their first time at Camp Sandy Cove but this was their first time at sleep away camp. I was a bit concerned because my oldest daughter looked homesick in several of the pictures I was able to view on line. BTW the on line pictures (great feature) really helped me know that my children were alive, well and having fun. When my husband and I picked them up they talked on and on about what a great time they had.

From the talent show to the flour & shaving cream battle, I have heard it all and am so pleased I selected Camp Sandy Cove. The counselors (chiefs) were great and understanding of the homesick issues. My daughters are still talking about all the fun and exciting activities they experienced and have sang all the camp songs to me (several times).

Thank you and your staff for making their first time away from home for an extended period without parents, simply the best! The memories and experiences they had will be with them for a life time. I would recommend Camp Sandy Cove to all that may have an ounce of apprehension, as I admit I did, to send their children to sleep away camp. The girls will definitely be back next year!

Thank you much!


Jesus Never Fails: The Frost Family Story

August 1, 2008

Dear Mark,

A week ago today, we were packing up, worshipping with Jaime Jamgochian, and listening to testimonies from others. As we were driving away from your “haven,” we got a picture of our family next to the sign, “Jesus Never Fails.” We were discussing the magnificence of Sandy Cove and highlighting our own personal experiences.

We have three children, Tyler (15), Christian (13) and Gabrielle (4). Our kids rated this vacation a “14+ on a scale from 0 to 10.” They said, “It was our best vacation ever.”

They eventually fell asleep and my husband and I listened to the CD of Dr. Loritts and his son (Questions and Answers) that you graciously gave to each family there. After that, to lighten the atmosphere, we put on Jaime’s CD of amazing songs of praise and worship.

Then something happened. We got home and it was as if we were never away at your God-centered retreat. We were all overwhelmingly tired and crabby, to say the least. Over the next few days, we discussed why this sudden change in our attitudes, as this continued to carry through. We came to the conclusion that Satan had followed our family home. He knew going into this that our time at Sandy Cove would be one more incredible link to our spiritual journey “puzzle” that God is piecing together for our family (this was our first time at Sandy Cove and a gift from you because my husband has been deployed three times – thank you!) It was evident during our visit that Satan was attacking from other areas as well. We knew this coming in as we felt it personally (our brakes were going out as we were traveling in on Sunday. In fact, we missed the social gathering and the last day my husband had to miss morning worship to go and have our car fixed at a local garage so that we could safely travel home.) Everything from the cold water to Aaron’s amazing story of healing and grace connected us even more to God while we were at your facility. We just stayed “plugged in” to the lessons, reading and praying and truly feeling the presence of God every day!

Although not intentional, when we left last Friday, I believe we left God behind. We must have put Him on a shelf, forgetting all that we learned. We started to see very clearly Satan maneuvering his way throughout our days, affecting our actions and attitudes. It was time to recall all that we had heard and learned. To keep Jesus first in our lives, to “touch” Him rather than simply “handle” Him when it’s convenient, to have Him “in our boat” relying on Him through our “storms” because this is when we connect, grow, mature in our Christian walk. Adversity builds character and I know that Jesus shapes our character during these troublesome times. Throughout the week, we started to focus on Jesus instead of our giants, remembering that our God is much bigger than Satan any day, and although we’re no longer at the awe-inspiring, safe haven of Sandy Cove, we have the choice to bring Jesus with us, creating an awe-inspiring, safe haven right here at home if we allow our home to be God-centered. Jesus offers a place of refuge no matter where we end up – “Jesus Never Fails.”

Side note: My husband, Jeremy, wanted a t-shirt, but quite honestly there wasn’t anything that he thought was “cool.” He said wouldn’t it be neat to have “Jesus Never Fails” on the back of a t-shirt and on the front, in a small circle on one side of the chest “Sandy Cove Ministries.” Just a thought.

Mark, I needed to take this time to share my thoughts and appreciation to you and your staff and recap for myself. Last week has changed our lives yet again. God revealed Himself more to me and my family through the beauty surrounding Sandy Cove, to each staff member we came in contact with, to your acknowledging that we were there as a gift from Sandy Cove because of my husband’s military service (and we weren’t even there for the Sunday social or the Operation Oasis gathering.) Thank you so much for your personal time and acknowledgment. We were so grateful to both you and your wife. There was a true sense of calling and love for God in every person we had the pleasure of meeting. Humor which we lack in this world ran rampant at your facility. I never smiled so much and laughed out loud so hard from you, Nate, John, Michael, the ventriloquist to some folks who participated in the talent show (especially the youth pastor who sang the hip-hop song with his guitar and Joe, the older gentleman who told jokes, loved him.) It was refreshing to see and be reminded that God is Love and Joy and we should celebrate through singing and laughing.

Jeremy and I talked so much about how awesome it must be to “work” and have every day of your lives touched the way you touch the lives of those people who visit Sandy Cove. God is using you, Mark, in amazing ways and I personally thank you for your obedience in sharing with me and my family. Sandy Cove, a place of beauty, fun and refuge, a place that we truly connected with God and one another.

You and your entire staff are a blessing and Sandy Cove is a gift from God. It is our hope to return again soon and bring another family.

In His Joy,

Jeremy, Stacey, Tyler, Christian and Gabrielle


Family Blessing

Operation Oasis was a tremendous blessing to us as a military family. The average person does not understand what deployment does to a family. The focus is on the soldier and rarely on the family that is left behind. No one can imagine the horror stories of what families endure: from people trying to take advantage of our vulnerable situation to the stress of separation and the amount of time required to adjust in reuniting. Quite often deployment ends in divorce or other forms of brokenness.

There is a hope which resides in Jesus Christ that our futures can be restored and renewed. Operation Oasis is a gift from God and the tools available to restore the family are priceless. We’ve never experienced an environment like this; vacationing with saints of like mind and spiritual beliefs.

Once again, thank you for allowing the Lord to use you all and this establishment; thank you for answering the call. We pray 1000-fold blessings and returns for each and every one of you.

A grateful wife after reconnecting with her deployed husband at Sandy Cove
Aberdeen, MD
Personal Retreat

Ladies’ Retreat in Review

Tapestry of Love
Colossians 2:2-3 (The Message)
“I want you woven in a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God…”

260 of our women experienced the Grand Weaver’s presence at Sandy Cove Conference Center. We saw and heard some incredible things – stories of changed lives, humorous yet poignant skits, Biblical teaching that was made real and relevant, a gorgeous tapestry – all illustrating God’s indescribable, unchangeable, amazing love for each of us.

Here are some firsthand accounts of highlights women experienced at the retreat:

“Time alone with God.”
“I enjoyed getting to know my roomies better, and I so enjoyed listening to our speakers Jessica and Laurie, and women sharing their retreat experience on Sunday morning.”
“Hearing, seeing, feeling God’s love working through all His daughters at retreat.”
“Watching all of the ladies growing deeper in God’s love and grace.”
“Feeling God talk to me.”
“The birthing of a new baby Christian!”

Here are some firsthand accounts of what women learned at the retreat:

“I know that I am lavishly loved!”
“The tapestry theme was brilliant. I now understand that I should trust my whole life to God because He is the weaver…”
“I will no longer let fear into my heart.”
“That no matter what place I am in, He is there with me – that I am never alone.”
“I will not only know God’s love intellectually, but I will allow it to enter me and I’ll put it into action to drive out fear and to spend more time loving others.”
“God really does love me; they aren’t just words.”
“God showed me that the women at my table (and others I connected with at retreat) represented His love at different places in my walk – different parts of my tapestry.”

The tapestry that God is creating in our lives doesn’t end at the close of the retreat. He continues to blend the dark threads with the bright threads, turning it all into His glorious creation according to His perfect design. Our lives were interwoven not just for the weekend, but for all of eternity. He will always “work all things for good for those who love Him” (Romans 8:28) because of His deep and unending love for us. Even when we can’t see the design of the tapestry itself or we don’t like the pattern He is weaving and all we see are the awful knots, we can always know that God lavishly loves us.

Fellowship Alliance Church
A Private Church Event hosted at Sandy Cove

Thank You

Dear Friends,

Last summer, my 5 year old son and I spent our first week at Sandy Cove. We absolutely loved it. We were there in week three, and had such an enjoyable time. The facilities were awesome, the Bible teaching great, food was wonderful, and we met such good friends! It is nice to vacation with other Christians in a safe place.

I especially wanted to thank you because you offered us a scholarship last year. As a single mom, (my husband died 4 years ago), it is difficult to have any money left over at the end of the month. Helping us to pay part of the fee enabled us to go to Sandy Cove, and we really, really appreciated it.

Thank you so much. I have been meaning to write this for some time, as my son still talks about the wonderful vacation that we had there. You have a special ministry, and I am grateful that we were able to be a part of it. Keep up the good work for the kingdom!!

In Christ,

Sue and son Michael
Woodbine, MD

Digging Deeper

Hello Candy,

I have just arrived home from the Digging Deeper Women’s Weekend. My friends and I loved it. We want to come back and bring more friends with us. Please do this again, especially with Glenna Salsbury.

There was not enough room on the evaluation and I wanted pass along something that came to me at Sandy Cove this week end. For sometime now I have been in a dry place, not being fed and looking for a better understanding of God’s Word. I have been praying that the Lord would bring me back to where I needed to be and that I could find the avenue that would lead me deeper into His teachings and He brought me to Sandy Cove and Glenna Salsbury.

Thank you Candy and Sandy Cove for providing a safe, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where we can come and know the Lord.

In His Presence,

Lois Jones

A Thank You

We want to thank all who were part of the Scholarship Assistance approval for us to be able to come for this weekend……as part of the Couple’s Retreat. We’re looking forward to a good weekend of refreshment, which wouldn’t be happening for us, without your blessing of assistance!

Thank you for this privilege!


Stella & Sam Esch

Always a sanctuary

Hello Mark and staff at Sandy Cove,

We just wanted to let you know that we are home refreshed – physically and spiritually. It happens every year and that is why we come back year after year (10 years). Our kids call it ‘our home away from home’ and peace washes over us when we enter the driveway and leave the world behind. Park the car and just BE. Be with God, Be with each other, Be with other believers.

We want to say thanks for your prayers and hard work to make this yearly week of sanctuary available. We want you to be encouraged and continue to do what you are called to do and do well!!

As far as the speakers are concerned, we have NEVER had a bad speaker and God has worked many times to get us to hear a message HE needed us to hear by changing our schedule or changing the speakers topic last minute. This year was not different. We were going to come for Week 4, but had a scheduling conflict and came for week 2. Whoa! Did we ever need to hear Hans-Peter’s message. That whole being hypocritical thing. Ouch. God definetly got our attention and we are glad to be back on track and spending time being IN Christ. Dave and Marie opened our hearts to needing to be transparent with each other. Life sometimes just gets in the way, doesn’t it?

All in all, Sandy Cove is our Sanctuary. What a fitting description and song, Stephen! My poor husband has tried several times to tell us that we can’t go to Germany every other year (I’m from there and we visit my family) and come to Sandy Cove. He puts it adequately: “Every time I try to tell them we can’t go to Sandy Cove, I have a revolt on my hands from my kids and my wife.”
Sandy Cove is our #1 destination. Everything else fails in comparison.


Andrea Weaver

PS: Please keep Michael Faircloth playing in the evenings. A couple more years, and I’ll be able to enjoy his concerts and hymnsings. You know, when the kids are too cool to hang out with Mom and Dad.

Powhatan, VA
Summer Together 2009

Operation Oasis

We first would like to thank Sandy Cove for giving our family such a great gift. Our stay at Sandy Cove has been one of the greatest vacation weeks our family has ever had. We were able to reconnect as a family and with God in many ways. We learned about each other and grew closer together. Our time with you and many other families has been a blessing to us all. We have now made it our spot and have already made our reservation to return next year. We have been sharing our experience with everyone we speak to and encourage them to take a vacation to Sandy Cove. A huge moment for our family was when we met a great family whose daughter of the age of 2 had just battled and defeated cancer. We came at a silent moment and then rejoiced with them. From that moment on I decided to get rid of the fear that had consumed me most of my life. The staff at Sandy Cove are truly angels – heaven sent from above. They were unbelievable and amazing people. Our children rejoiced and were excited to hear we would be returning. Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts. We were all truly blessed.

Falcon Family
Felton, DE
Summer Together 2009

Purple Door

Thank You So much for the time and effort you put in to make Purple Door a much better experience for the youth leaders that were there and were touched by your ministry. I am 46 years old and I love to Rock out with my son and the youth of our church but as time flys by I am getting older and the bones need some rest and they got it this weekend at your facilities. I can truly say that the chance that I got to sit and meet some of the bands and rest also made my Purple Door encounter a much better one.

Thank You for all you do.
Look forward to seeing you next year! Purple Door 2010!!!!

Baltimore, MD
Purple Door 2009

A Time For Refreshing and Restoring

My daughter Vicki and I come to the women’s conferences at least once a year. My life has always been hard and full of struggles. We have recently lost my dad and my brother, both named Louis. My neighbors and friends, who I knew for at least 25 years or more passed away too. Financial hardships have plagued me forever and my youngest daughter and her three young children came to live with us because of financial hardship. My elderly mom also lives with us for she no longer can take care of herself. Everyday is filled with stress. I so enjoy meeting people from all over and the fellowship is wonderful. I love to just take a deep breath and savor the fragrance of our Lord. Thanks to Sandy Cove Ministries and my daughter Vicki, I have renewed strength and have basked in the presence of God. It is like having a preview of dwelling in Heaven. My spirit is so refreshed. I am so thankful to God for this wonderful Ministry. God Bless!!!!!

Franklinville, NJ

Married 8 Months

Thank you for for enabling us to come for the Couples’ Weekend retreat. We are amazed by how beautiful Sandy Cove is! We also felt fortunate to have heard Steve and Annie Chapman. God really spoke through them to us! We have only been married eight months and are struggling, but this time has been good to talk, pray, meet new people, and eat wonderful food. Thank you for all you do here at Sandy Cove!

Chris and Theresa

Couples Getaway

My husband & I needed to reconnect our relationship. What a wonderful, relaxing experience…the staff was great! Sandy Cove Ministries had a great way of bringing us to see what’s lacking in our relationship to God and others. No stress!!!


Another Chance

Through this retreat the Lord has given us another chance, new mercies and helped us to start a new beginning in our marriage and we have been able to reflect back from where God has brought us and wants to take us. We thank the Lord for the Blessings and for Sandy Cove.


A Turbulent Year

Thank you for the scholarship. Without that, we would not have been able to attend. This weekend was a much needed time for my husband and myself to re-new our closeness and oneness with God. It’s been a turbulent year and at times we tend to forget what each other needs while we deal with the daily issues of surviving. Again, thank you. You have made a positive difference in our lives.

Deb and Augie

There is Hope

Coming to Sandy cove has made us realize that there is HOPE and that we are not the only couple that has problems. It was encouraging to meet other couples that have been married for a long time. Sandy Cove helped us prioritize our lives through the Word of God – just by spending time with Him. Being here makes it easy to think about what’s important. We thank you and we pray that we can continue to come back time and time again.

Anthony and Nancy

Moving Forward

I lost my husband Bob to cancer on 12-27-2008 (my birthday). My daughter Lori,invited me to attend the women’s retreat held November 13 to November 15,2009 with speakers, Bonnie Keen, Frances Drost and Carol Kent. Could have not been at a more blessed retreat than that weekend, it was completely awesome, and what an awesome God we have, what a God Wink, to have me attend when these speakers were giving their own testomonies. My friend, daughter Lori and I, had times of tears, sorrow, fun and prayer. I felt like I could move forward with my life, without Bob, as he is in a much better place, but being at Sandy Cove gave me peace, contentment, time to be with God, and on Sunday, I came up front with others, and left my issues there for God to handle. Since my husband Bob passed, I have not talked to my mother-in-law. She feels in her own way, that my friend took me away from her, and that I should have not did everything with Bob when he was so sick, he should have been in bed, not at the seashore, or up visiting for Christmas. His last Christmas she was so angry with me, yelling and not talking to me and making my days so stressful, but that Sunday, I left it at the front of the platform, and I feel so re newed as a Christian, Amen. Thank you Sandy Cove and to God, and my Daughter Lori. God Willing we’ll be here next year, God Bless. Love,

Patricia Hoffman
Schuylkill Haven, PA

A Place filled with God’s Love

What a blessing Sandy Cove is to everyone I met there!! We are a family that has been through 3 year long deployments in a 12 year marriage with 5 needless to say this past year August 2009 to July 2010 was the toughest year of my life as a mother who has had a baby during 2 of the 3 deployments. Coming back together as a family is tough too. Sandy Cove not only full heartedly lived up to the phrase “WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS,” they go above and beyond. Our marriage was blessed and the sermons and teachings gave us a renewed hope and our children all had a class of their own, also had a blast AND was ministered to as well! Thank you Sandy Cove and full staff for all your loving kindness! We will tell everyone to come here for family vacations and to give to this organization!! God Bless you all, everyone of you!

The Cuciaks
Cleveland, OH

Tanker Full of Faith

I talked to Mark Fisher on Friday July 22, 2011 at the closing service of a wonderful week. He had asked if I would share my story.

I am now 47 years old, I started coming to Sandy Cove with my family when I was about 10 years old. I can only remember coming for a couple of years, but having fond memories of Sandy Cove. Jumping forward several years to 1995. I was widowed with 2 boys, Craig age 13 and John age 5. Friends wanted to go camping somewhere different with their 2 dauthers. I mentioned Sandy Cove and we went for the next 4 years. My boys enjoyed Sandy Cove so much that on Craig’s 16th birthday, he got a job at Sandy Cove in the kitchen. I ran back and forth from Baltimore and Harford County to get him to work. It was well worth the travel, he talked so much about his talks with James, the dorm counselor. I was seeing him grow as a Christian.

In 1999 our friends were not able to go with us to Sandy Cove. It was just me and the boys, Craig was 17 going into his Senior year at high school. John would be celebrating his 9th birthday at Sandy Cove. Sunday Tony Evans spoke about each person has a different amount of faith. Some people have a timble full, glass, bucket and some have a tanker full of faith. Craig’s Club Cove counselor was Hal. On Wednesday at the lunch table Craig said, Hal has a tanker full of faith and one day he wants a tanker full. As a parent it is a great joy to hear your child’s desire to have a greater understanding of God. Little did I know that 2 weeks later Craig would have passed away. There is so much comfort in knowing that Craig was saved and for him, his tanker is full.

I have been back to Sandy Cove only for Crop Around the Clock weekends. This week was my first week back since Craig’s death. I am here now with my husband and his kids. I want them to see what a great place Sandy Cove is. This week has been one of the hottest weeks this year and it has been trying being in a camper with no air conditioner. We went out and bought one to make it through.

When I was talking to Mark, I wanted to thank all of the kids that are working at Sandy Cove. I want them to know they are making a difference in a child’s life. Working with little sleep, fussy kids and heat. Their sacrifice will make a difference.

Just as in Craig’s sacrifice I am hoping that one of the many kids that came to Craig’s funeral and heard a salvation message will have accepted Christ into their life.


Amazing God Story from Week 3 Summer Together 2011

There was a lady who came with her 2 sons, ages 11 and 6. Recently she had lost her husband tragically when he drowned in 18 inches of water resulting from mental illness. Her 11 year old son is bipolar. Her 6 year old was experiencing struggles from his dad’s death. She had been through so much.

Early in the week, her 11 year old son was down in the Marina area and lost his $500 pair of glasses. They were not covered by insurance, and this was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” She came down to the Front Desk, crying children in tow, saying that her son had lost his glasses that day, and that she was leaving. She turned in the keys and proceeded to take the 2 1/2 hour trip home.

I knew there was no way to talk her out of it, although we at the Front Desk tried our best. As she left I prayed what could be considered a crazy prayer, since the Lord knew exactly where those glasses were, that He would somehow miraculously let them be found.

The next day, the mom called back, saying that she had made a hasty decision and asked if they could come back. We were able to have her come back into the same room, and so she and her sons returned. The three then began looking for the lost glasses down at the Marina area. Another guest “happened” to be down in the Marina area as well, talking with another staff member. Someone approached the other staff member, so this guest walked over to see what the other guests were looking for.

The mom then told the story of the lost glasses. The guest said she would help look for the glasses, and noted that the tide was Extremely low–the lowest she remembered in all of her years here. She suggested that they pray and ask the Lord to help them find the lost glasses. They prayed, and literally, this guest said “Amen” and looked maybe 4-5 feet away and saw something gleaming in the sunlight. She said, “Oh look–somebody’s sunglasses.” The 11 year old boy who had lost his glasses turned and looked as she picked them up. He said, “No, they’re not sunglasses, they are MY glasses! I have transitional lenses! They’re my glasses! They’re my glasses!” He was so excited!

Boats had been going over that very area for a few days, and there was only a minor scratch on one of the lenses. GOD found those glasses!!! Then the mom said that right before she came back to Sandy Cove, she had received a call from an unsaved guy friend of hers, and she had told him about the lost glasses. He said, “Oh well, you will NEVER find those. They are gone.” She told him that she had prayed about it, and that God knew where those glasses were, and that just maybe, He would find them for her. She got on the phone with that guy and said, “Guess what GOD did? He FOUND my boy’s glasses!!!!” The guy couldn’t believe it!

But the story isn’t over. The guest who found the boy’s glasses–her son works at the Marina this summer–his name is Josh. He had lost his dad about 5 years ago or so, and he was able to connect with this 11 year old boy and let him know that he could make it, because he had been where this boy was. God had helped Josh, and Josh knew He would help this boy too. The mom said that Josh was SUCH an encouragement to her son, and she tearfully praised the Lord that she had listened to His voice and come back to Sandy Cove. “Because LOOK at what God did!!!”


God Saved My Home!

I contacted my mortgage company, Chase Home Finance, as soon as I saw I would not be able to pay my mortgage. After 5 months, they came back and said I wasn’t qualified for Obama’s HAMP Program but they’d consider a Chase loan mod program.
To make a long story short, the “Chase Home Mod Program” was higher than my previous mortgage!

So I told Chase I was unable to pay it and hired a law firm to represent me through Chase. After 2-1/2 years, I was finally given a loan modification under the HAMP Program. It will be effective on December 21.

I thank God for His complete faithfulness throughout this ordeal! He is so good to us and He never fails! What is impossible with men is possible with God!

God throughout the whole time kept reassuring me that “I’m in control — do not fear anything your mortgage company says to you. I can turn the heart of the king to wherever I want it to go.”

PTL !!!!

Rhea Frazier
Washington, DC

New Story for My Life

Jan was a wonderful speaker. I felt she was talking directly to me. I claimed victory in Christ at that conference. When I went home that evening I had a miraculous encounter with Jesus, and though through faith I believed in Him, I now know without any shadow of a doubt, that Jesus is REAL, and He saved me from the rest of my life here from misery. Four years ago my husband died on December 26, and I couldn’t move on. In fact, I didn’t want to move on. I guess I got some kind of weird pleasure in mourning my loss of Ron. Now, I know how much Jesus’ gift for our life here is, I want to spend my life glorifying Him. It is all about HIM, not me. I will spend the rest of this life trying to do what He wants me to do for Him, and my family.

Dawn M. Yoder
Strasburg, PA

Jesus Lives In The Hearts @ Sandy Cove

My husband and I discovered Sandy Cove Ministries back in 1989 when we moved from New York to York, PA. Every year on our wedding anniversary we look for a place to celebrate what God has done in our lives. We met in June 1978 and were married in November 1978. My husband gave his heart to Jesus Christ in May 1978 and I gave my heart to my Lord Jesus Christ in June 1978. It was a really hard uphill journey for us since we both came from the streets of New York. I ended up in New York after New Jersey, Texas, Florida and the Bronx, which is a street all of it’s own. Spanish Harlem, SoHo, Maiden Lane, Bedford Stuyvesant, even the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan could not compare with the Bronx.

Needless to say when I met Jesus I was a mess. When I met and married my husband I was a mess. But the God that we serve has a wonderful reminder each and every day to us that IF ANY MAN BE IN CHRIST JESUS HE IS A NEW CREATURE, OLD THINGS ARE PASSED AWAY AND BEHOLD ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW. What a joy to know that a Saviour gave His Life for us so we can be new in Him. As we walked with Him, He actually began to transform our minds, something only He can do, for no other can take the misery out of the memory but the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Oh, but the scars, the wounds, the broken heart that remains can only be healed in His time through His people, through His creation. We met them both at Sandy Cove. We met God’s people, God’s creation! And most of all we discovered that Jesus Lives in The Hearts @ Sandy Cove! Won’t you come and find that out for yourself?

Mrs. Moses L. Smith
York, PA

New Years Extravaganza

My husband and I attended the New Years Extravaganza for 2012. It was our first time at Sandy Cove and it will not be the last. We had a phenominal time. The food was unbelieveable. The place is amazing. Sandy Cove did an awesome job with the program. Paul Pitts was amazing as well as Daren Streblow, Jamey Turner, Michael Faircloth and his friend Jessica that played the violin. Thank you Sandy Cove for a great New Year. That was the way to start a New Year. Thank you!!!

Jessica and Chris Bellemare
Clayton, DE

This is a Christian Camp?

Two years ago I rented a log cabin for my family and, as we do every year we took my two young children and to my surprise my 19 year old daughter came. We enjoyed our time and she asked to have a friend and I said sure! I came back from dinner with the young kids and there was 6 (count them, six) other older people. These kids are the same ones that influence my daughter to smoke pot and get into trouble. They built a fire, had smores and went on the college boat trip. They couldn’t believe that you could have fun and fellowship without alcohol and drugs! Thank you Lord for that moment that I overheard them say, “Hey can we come back here again?” That night the Lord was at work against Satan and won a moment that changed some of those kids!!!!! We haven’t been able to afford to come back yet but soon, God never lets us down. Thanks Sandy Cove, and to imagine my Grandfather tricked me into coming here when I was 18!

Mary Kay
Coatesville, PA

Are you kidding?

You ask if I am a fan. Are you kidding? Sandy Cove is the absolute best. Jerry and I have been coming to couples weekends for sometime now; and in years past, my sister and I would travel there to be part of the womens’ weekends. The atmosphere is delightful and, of course, it is immaculate. The rooms are comfortable and the food is varied and delicious. The entertainment was not only insightful by Carol and Jim but funny as well; and of course, Damaris Carbaugh is so gifted in not only her singing but her ministering at the same time.

Jerry and I met so many nice couples. Everyone was especially friendly and very open about where they were on their Christian walk. It was so interesting listening to the many stories and sharing about our own walk and family. I’ve already emailed to one of the couples we met and have received one in return. One story that really touched my heart was the young couple whose father-in-law gave the weekend as a gift at Christmas to this young couple in hopes of salvaging their marriage since it had become shaky after eight years. The couple came all the way from Texas and you could tell the weekend was having an impact on them, for the good. How encouraging is that? Thank you Sandy Cove for all that you do and for the wonderful staff you employ. I’m sure you hand-pick them.

Kingsville, MD

Blessed Beyond Belief

My family and I just returned from a Summer Together Family Camp at Sandy Cove. Ever since I have been blowing up Facebook trying to share with others about how the Lord so blessed us through this ministry. It was an amazing week of being refreshed, restored, and reconnected (the mission of Sandy Cove). It may sound like a catch phrase, but it is true! The Lord used our time to restore my husband and I not only back to Him but to each other. Last year at this time my husband was deployed overseas. We attended Sandy Cove’s family week through Operation Oasis. I get emotional every time I think about the willingness of Sandy Cove to bless military families that sacrifice so much and the standing ovation we received when asked to stand in the opening session of the week. I only pray more military families will have the opportunity to get recharged and reconnected at Sandy Cove. We have a 3 year old daughter and we were a little nervous about how she was going to do. It was an awesome experience for her. She loved her teachers and all the activities her class did, as well as coming home talking about Noah and how he obeyed God. Love it!! A vacation like this is priceless. Personally, as an at-home mom, I often feel overwhelmed or get down on myself about parenting. I don’t want to mess up and it is such an important job. My most memorable teaching this week was about the “Power of Dance” not being afraid to make a mistake or be so stiff that you can’t enjoy the journey. If we grow intimately with our partner (our Lord) and allow Him to lead us, we will dance through life’s journey (including parenting). Don’t be afraid to step on a crack…relax and enjoy the partnership through intimacy with Him. Love it! Feeling released from walking in fear of messing up as a parent. Thank you Sandy Cove and all those who gave that we might have a vacation through Operation Oasis. We are truly blessed beyond belief!!

Gettysburg, PA