Shepherds Circle

Membership is Free!

Shepherds Circle Membership

Pastors – We invite you to join Sandy Cove’s Shepherds Circle. Once we have received all completed forms, you will be added to our Shepherds Circle Membership. Benefits are extended to registered, dependent family in the same household.

  • Personal and Family Discount
    Shepherds Circle membership saves you 20% on any on-site Sandy Cove sponsored program or event (including conferences, lodging, meals, Bed and Breakfast stays, and concerts). This discount is valid year-round.*
  • Group Discounts at Sandy Cove Events
    When you encourage or coordinate a group from your church to attend a Sandy Cove event, your group receives one free admission with every 10 paid admissions (for day events), or one free room (maximum double occupancy) with every 10 paid rooms in your group, for overnight events.* Shepherds Circle member need not be in attendance for this benefit to be in effect. If the pastor and/or spouse are present as part of the group, they receive their personal discount of 20% off their costs, and also count toward the total paid admissions or paid rooms.
  • Group Rental Discount
    When you bring your staff, board, elders, or other group from your church for your own overnight mid-week retreat or conference (Sunday through Thursday), your group will receive a 20% discount off the published rates.* A discount of 30% applies mid-week January through March. (Does not apply to events involving multiple churches.)
  • Bookstore Savings
    Ask for your Shepherds Circle discount at the Sandy Cove bookstore and receive a 10% discount on your total purchase. Includes books, tapes, music, cards, gifts, or any sale merchandise.

*May not be combined with any other discounts.

Membership Requirements

  • Be a Sandy Cove Guest at least once before enrolling.
    By visiting Sandy Cove before enrolling, you will know if our ministry is something you want to promote in your church. Once you have made that decision, we welcome you as a Shepherds Circle member. In the meantime, ask for our standard 10% pastoral discount.
  • Be a full-time pastor serving a local church congregation.
  • Read and Understand Sandy Cove’s Statement of Faith and Mission
  • Provide Event Information to your Ministry Leaders and Congregation.
    We will email that information to you, mail you at least one of everything we have in print throughout the year, and periodically send you bulk printed information to distribute to your church members. And we will email all the time! In an effort to be good stewards of our resources, we ask that you understand this is our primary means of communication at this point, and blocking, marking as spam or unsubscribing from emails is considered a request to be removed from Shepherds Circle.You may share the information in bulletins, emails, announcements and on Power Point presentations.