Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer and join the Sandy Cove community!

Many projects at Sandy Cove would not be accomplished except for the efforts of numerous volunteers. Your willingness to give of your time and talent is a true blessing to us and those we serve. Young or old, there is something for everyone!

Sandy Cove has a huge variety of volunteer jobs available. We also have a wide range of volunteers from youth groups, to local and distant individuals, to volunteers who live in RV’s. We are flexible for all walks of life, whether one can give a couple of hours a year or hundreds of hours in a year. There is no time requirement! It is all based on what you, the volunteer, would like to do or feel called to do. We are looking for those who have a desire to serve the Lord in all you do!

To volunteer, please fill out the ONLINE PROFILE and submit it.