Girls’ Night Out and a Day Off!

Be blessed and encouraged!
Laugh and worship!

Girls' Night Out at Sandy Cove Ministries

At the end of a long day…
take time to relax and laugh at Sandy Cove!

Make it a Girls’ Night Out and A Day Off!
Thursday evening – Friday morning

Check in any time after 4 pm.
Take a walk, do some shopping, chat with all your friends!

Start your evening with a delicious dinner buffet in the Water’s Edge Dining Room. Then relax in the Chesapeake Auditorium for a time of entertainment, worship and laughter!

Spend the night in the Chesapeake Lodge and relax over breakfast in the Water’s Edge Dining Room. Fellowship with your sisters in Christ… devotions and “girlfriend time” with the Girls’ Night Out special guests… and take some time to connect with God before heading home for the busy weekend!

2016 March Girls Night Out


Schedule subject to change

4:00 pm Check in
4:00-5:30 Sports Pool & Hot Tub open
5:00 Optional Video
6:30 Dinner
7:45 Program
9:00 Sports Pool & Hot Tub open

8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 Devotions with
speaker/special guest
9:30 Photo Op with your friends
10:00 Check Out

Free time on the grounds to think, pray & process – stay as long as you like!

What they're saying...

“It was a great opportunity to connect with friends in an extended time away from home and responsibilities, and to hear a refreshing message from God’s Word.” Sandi, Baltimore, MD

“Spiritually enriched by worshipping, sharing and praying.” Virginia, Barnegat, NJ

“Spent quality time with friends – appreciated the talk too. I expect God will transform me, as He always does!” Debbie, Baltimore, MD

“I came with friends and made new friends! The message was clear and helpful.” Darlene, Aberdeen, MD

“The atmosphere here is very peaceful and I can meditate and reflect and get rest without interruption.” Laura, Plainsboro, NJ

“Through fellowship with my girlfriend and devoted speakers, I woke up so relaxed, renewed and above all else, grateful.” Toneisha, Belleville, NJ

“Peace, prayer, and serenity.” Tina, Ardmore, PA

Register for March Overnight!

Click here to register for overnight package

For evening only call 800.234.COVE(2683).

Special Guests

March 17-18, 2016
Maybell Jerkwater Meets the Atiles Sisters

…An evening of hilarity, inspiration and music ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime!

Maybell JerkwaterMaybell Jerkwater is a winsome, hilarious character created and portrayed by Peggy Dawson. The Lord was always using people who were rough around the edges, either socially or physically, to do great things for the kingdom…Moses, Saul, David, almost every one of the disciples…and Maybell Jerkwater! You will have to admit that she is a living example (well, sort of!) that the Lord can make Chic out of Shabby! Maybell will win your heart and tickle your funny bone as Peggy uses her character to show how God takes the useless, worthless, and kind of ridiculous…to make something useful and beautiful.

The REAL Peggy Dawson says, “I am 51 years of age (Yes, there is life after 50 and it’s good) and I live in Chambersburg PA. I love Jesus and am so very grateful for what He has done for me!! I love to make people laugh. I kind of look at making people smile as a challenge. I use laughter as a way to open people’s hearts so that they are open to receive the blessings God has for them. This could be an audience member I am entertaining or it could be a cashier in the checkout line. When people are guarded, their hearts are not open…but when people are laughing…they let their guard down and their hearts naturally are opened. I have been a comedian all of my life…I’ve only gotten paid for it the past 20+ years!! For the past 6 years I have been president and CEO of a woman owned small business, Dawson Performance Inc., a Machining and Fabrication Shop. I am a living example that if you make a commitment to follow the Lord…HOLD ON…’cause He will lead you, guide you, direct you into areas and places that you never thought possible. I have been married to the same fella for the past 30 years and my one and only son just graduated in May with a degree from Penn State as a business major. One day he says he is going to take over the family business…I just hope it’s not a ‘hostile takeover’!!”

Atiles SistersCandy Davison introduces the Atiles Sisters: “You won’t find a very good description of how fabulous The Atiles Sisters are on their website because they are either unaware of how extraordinary they are or too humble to advertise it! I have to admit, I am totally smitten by these girls! You have to take into account that formerly I was a public school music teacher and choir director for a number of years. We had a children’s choir sing at our wedding! I absolutely love young voices when they are disciplined and well trained. I was struck not only by the Atiles sisters’ lovely voices, but the fact that their pitch was spot on, their diction was impeccable, and I loved the programming of the music for the audience! They are expertly accompanied on the piano by Stephen Mugglin who arranges and programs their music.”

The Atiles sisters, Kayla, Elena, Miranda & Sofia sing for the glory of God. The girls range in age from 11 to 17 and come from a homeschooling family of 9 who love to do things together. The parents of this charming family are Joseph and Tina Atiles who are obviously doing a great job of parenting. The sisters have sung at various sporting events including the 7th inning stretch of a Philadelphia Phillies game when they sang God Bless America. The ballpark announcer said afterwards that “it was the best rendition of God Bless America we have heard in this ballpark!” In May of 2015 they sang for our Sandy Cove Seasoned Citizens Day crowd of 450 who gave them a standing ovation! (And Candy sprinted to the front to book them for Girls’ Night Out!!)

June 2-3, 2016
An Inspirational Concert by “2nd Edition” from The National Christian Choir

Michael-FairclothOur good friend and Sandy Cove Artist in Residence, Michael Faircloth, is also the accompanist for The National Christian Choir. And through his influence, we are thrilled to host a Girls’ Night Out of inspirational music PLUS devotions with Michael Friday morning for those who can stay overnight!

2nd Edition

The National Christian Choir has a group of about 30 singers called 2nd Edition who are auditioned out of the larger Choir and exist to take the NCC experience into churches and venues that usually cannot accommodate the full 170-voice Choir. A very dynamic and energetic group, 2nd Edition performs all of the full choir’s repertoire and also presents additional repertoire, often in a close-harmony or upbeat rhythmic style that lends itself more to a smaller ensemble.

Kathy BowmanThe group was formed in 2011, after Kathy Bowman became the NCC Director of Music and Ministries. “So many churches that couldn’t quite hold the full NCC were wanting a group to come and present choral music with excellence, energy, and conviction,” Bowman says. “It just made sense to expand the ministry to include those churches and organizations who very much wanted our style of singing and worship. We include hymns, traditional sacred choral anthems, contemporary praise and worship songs that are in a choral setting, and many other styles of music that honor our Lord. There’s usually something for everyone in our presentations!”

2nd Edition participates in all of the Choir’s concerts as well as its own events throughout the year. This past season, 2nd Edition was invited to sing in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol for the “Washington: A Man of Prayer” event, broadcast on the Daystar TV network. The group usually presents 5 or 6 concerts throughout the year in a fairly wide geographic area, encompassing much of the mid-Atlantic region.

The Girls’ Night Out concert will feature some of the groups’ lighter and fun numbers along with testimonies from members of 2nd Edition. For more information about the choir please visit their website.

October 13-14, 2016
Mary Hunt

Get fabulous tips from Mary every day at

Mary HuntMary Hunt, award winning and bestselling author, syndicated columnist and sought-after motivational speaker, has created a global platform that is making strides to help men and women battle the epidemic impact of consumer debt. Mary is the founder of Debt-Proof Living, a highly regarded organization consisting of an interactive website, a monthly newsletter, a daily syndicated column and hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. Now in its twentieth year, DPL is dedicated to its mission to provide hope, help and realistic solutions for individuals who are committed to financially responsible and debt-free living. As a speaker, Mary travels extensively addressing conferences, corporations, colleges, universities and churches at home and abroad. A frequent guest on radio and television, she has appeared on dozens of television shows including “Dr. Phil,” “Good Morning America,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Dateline.” Mary lives with her husband in Colorado with a view of the Rockies!

Thursday evening program

Confessions of a Credit Card Junkie

Want to know what happens when financial ignorance meets up with ugly attitudes of entitlement and the availability of credit? Mary Hunt knows and she’s ready to tell how those three ingredients came together to nearly destroy her life. It’s not pretty. But that’s not the end of the story. God’s grace is greater than any mess! Mary speaks with passion and humor about how God has taken the broken pieces of her life and turned them into joy, peace and grace as she recounts her journey from financial despair to financial freedom.

Friday program

Live Your Life for Half the Price!


God’s word tells us we should not worry about tomorrow—that God knows our needs and cares about our wants! He has plans for our lives to prosper us, not to harm us! So why do we trust MasterCard and Visa more than we trust God when faced with an emergency?


Truth: You cannot enjoy life if you are addicted to consumption and the use of credit. You may believe that having everything you want now and paying for it later is the ticket to living the life you love but you’ll soon find out the truth. So how can you live the life you love starting right now? Come prepared to learn the secret.


What does it mean to live your life for half the price? You’re going to learn that it’s fun, it’s easy and more than that—it is totally doable. From the cost of clothes to cellphone service to utilities, transportation, entertainment and your mortgage, too. Mary will give you the handy tools, secret weapons and exact instructions for how to cut all of those costs in half. Prepare to be amazed.


In this session we’re going to get practical. Sneak peek: Mary will be demonstrating exactly how you can go from spending $.35 to $.50 per load for laundry detergent to just a nickel a load! Hint: You’ll never go back to the commercial brands. And how about grocery shopping? No matter where you live, no matter your dietary needs, size of your family—Mary is going to SHOW you how to cut your grocery bill in half—every time you shop. And it’s not coupons!


Thursday evening only

Girls’ Night Out

dinner & program
$30 per person | 6:30 – 9:15 pm

Thursday evening – Friday morning

Girls’ Night Out & A Day Off

normal program: dinner, program, overnight, breakfast, devotions

Quad occupancy
Triple occupancy
Double occupancy
Single occupancy

Live Your Life for half the PriceThursday evening – Friday afternoon

Girls’ Night Out & A Day Off Plus – THE BEST DEAL!


normal program plus all day Friday

Quad occupancy
Triple occupancy
Double occupancy
Single occupancy

Friday only

Girls’ Day Off

devotions, 3 sessions plus lunch
$49 per person | 9 am – 3 pm


2016 Packages for March and June

(see above for October 2016 rates)
All rates are per person and include Thursday night lodging, dinner, breakfast, Thursday program and Friday devotions.

Chesapeake Lodge
Rates begin at $85 per person.

Quad occupancy
Triple occupancy
Double occupancy
Single occupancy

Most rooms have two twin beds and one queen size bed, so triple occupancy allows for each person to have their own sleep space.

Treat yourself to an upgraded room!
Ask about beautiful bay view rooms and 2 room suites – a few with Jacuzzis!
Upgraded charge is per room, not per person

Looking for a slightly different Retreat? Try our campground!
Log Cabins are open all year!

Log Cabin Rates: $95 per person

*Please note that there is a minimum occupancy of 4 required for all cabins.

Girls’ Night Out only – REDUCED RATE for 2016 (6:30 – 9:15 pm): $30 per person, includes dinner and program Thursday evening.
Please call for Girls’ Night Out only reservations – 800.234.COVE (2683)

Financial hardship? Partial scholarships are available.

Modest swimsuits are required…one-piece for girls of all ages!

10% military discount for all program events for ALL military personnel.
This discount is available to any member of the armed forces, any branch and their immediate family members living in their household.

This is a Child Free Event. We love babies and children and we know you do too! But “Child Free Events” are your opportunity to be free from some of your normal daily responsibilities. It also provides a distraction free time for everyone to focus on the spiritual purpose of the event. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.