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    Dear Friends,

    We’ve heard many guests describe Sandy Cove as a “slice” or “preview” of heaven. I, too, sense that connection.

    However, a crucial distinction exists. In heaven, all things remain eternally perfect and untouched by sin, devoid of the concept of depreciation — the diminishing value of assets over time due to wear and tear.

    At Sandy Cove, depreciation is unceasing.

    This contrast is apparent in our daily struggles with the perpetual maintenance demands of our 220-acre property on the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. Wear and tear on our facilities and property is an inevitable process, and maintenance becomes the guardian of our legacy.

    That is where you come in.

    Will you consider joining us today in our mission to care for this preview of heaven that we lovingly call Sandy Cove? Our goal is to raise $150,000 through the Family Foundations Fund for seen and unseen improvements that will enhance our facilities and services.

    It is daunting to consider that we allocate an average of $700,000 for depreciation. Yet, it rarely covers the accumulated maintenance needs we have acquired in 77 years of ministry on this property. The passage of time, like nature itself, is relentless.

    This is a rallying cry to build a future and secure our foundation by stewarding the precious resources that God has entrusted to us. Your contribution is not merely a transaction; it is a promise to safeguard the property and ensure that generations to come can experience this "slice of heaven."

    As a guardian of Sandy Cove, will you give generously today?


    Stephen J. Weaver
    President & CEO

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