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    October 25-27, 2024

    Launch: For Mothers/Mentors & Daughters

    What is Launch?

    Beautiful! You are wonderfully made. -Psalm 139:14

    Welcome to a dynamic and amazing weekend experience crafted exclusively for girls aged 10 to 13 and their moms or influential mentors as well as youth ministry leaders and the girls they shepherd.

    Packed with engaging speakers and activities, Launch is designed to ignite your spirits and reaffirm your girl's innate worth and beauty in the eyes of God. Together, you'll celebrate her identity and be equipped with invaluable tools for personal growth and a thriving relationship.

    In today's world, saturated with social media and impossible -- even damaging -- standards of beauty, this is an opportunity to anchor her faith and self-worth in Jesus. Amidst the noise, this foundation becomes her compass, steering her through adolescence with unwavering confidence to know she is cherished beyond measure by the Creator.

    Featured sessions will include:

    • “Beauty” messages to encourage youth and moms
    • Facilitated mom/daughter separate discussion breakout sessions
    • Painting session by artist Kimberly Novak
    • An evening celebration party celebrating our girls and their “Beauty” in God’s sight
    • Fun team-building activities

    Under the guidance of the remarkable Veirdre Jackson, alongside special guests Vickie Heath and Megan Keefe, you'll embark on a celebration of your daughter and the bond you share. And you'll return home with the "faith-filled" confidence to flourish in your identity and relationship with each other.

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