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    Family Camp Week 5


    Week 5

    John Lynch

    THERE IS ONLY ONE MESSAGE. My name is John Lynch. I am completely undone by what Jesus has done in me. And I continue to be overwhelmed at the wild, unbridled love He has for you and me. It’s shockingly good, the grace He gives. It completely frees us. It can heal us and give us a life we never imagined possible. It can change the entire world. It’s this important, this magnificent. Everything I talk about is going to come back to this. It’s nearly the only point worth making.

    John Lynch is a speaker, author, and former pastor. After 27 years as the teaching pastor at Open Door Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona, John joined Trueface in 1997 and began speaking nationally and both authoring and coauthoring many resources such as The Cure and TrueFaced, and his own story in On My Worst Day.

    As an outlet for his love of writing and performing, John co-founded and was both a playwright and actor for Sharkey Productions, a theater troupe focused on Gospel-anchored theater productions for those still seeking Jesus.

    John and his wife Stacey have three grown children and a growing troupe of grandchildren.

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