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    February 7-9, 2020

    Women Digging Deeper Weekend

    A Weekend for Women to Deeply Study God's Word

    Intentional, focused, life-changing!

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    Our souls long for time to focus on God's Word and listen to the still small voice of the Spirit. A Women Digging Deeper Weekend is designed to provide time to fervently study scripture under the guidance of a Bible teacher.

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    "Stand in the Light" Ephesians 6:10-20

    Through a unique blend of Bible study, performance, Biblical scholarship, discussion and personal reflection, Anita and Joanne present relevant historical background, provide understanding, offer emotional connection, spiritual enrichment and encouragement to live out the truths of scripture.

    Each character study begins with a review of relevant historical background, then a focused Bible study. The Bible study is followed by an artistic concept—a performance—of that character, along with life application questions. The final piece is a lecture designed to offer some thoughts on how to live out the wisdom you've gained. Our hope is that you experience something fresh and new from the pages of this ancient, yet living, document, God's Word.

    What was it like for those caught up in the grip of darkness to be called by the Lord into the glorious light of freedom from bondage, health, and life?

    Over the course of three days, this program will explore the stories of Eve, Potiphar's Wife, Mary of Magdala, Lydia, The Woman Caught in Adultery, and Jarius' Daughter, and the choices they made--whether to respond to God's light, or to turn towards darkness.

    Saturday will feature an interactive workshop on how to stand firm in the power of God's Spirit and word. "Fear not," Jesus reassured His disciples, and us today, "For I have overcome." We will close with a time of worship, teaching, and prayer Sunday morning.

    Bible studies and devotionals for each of the characters will provide further study for weeks following this retreat.



    A dramatic, one-woman presentation is given of Biblical women, bringing the Bible to life in ways that offer lessons for the present and hope for the future. "It is my prayer that my dramatic retelling of these sacred stories glorifies God," says Anita Gutschick, the acclaimed actress who gives voice to these Biblical women. And for more than a decade, Anita's powerful, sweeping performances have reached tens of thousands of people across the United States with one central message: God worked - and continues to work - through ordinary people.

    Using the sacred text as an outline rather than a script, Anita challenges her audience to look deep within themselves, and see how faith can strengthen their lives and relationships. Her unparalleled artistry, along with disarming wit and candor, result in powerful, intimate portrayals laced with soul-searching, interactive questions that keep audiences spellbound from start to finish.


    Discussion furnishes a venue in which to process the portrayals, and relate that shared experience to the understanding of scripture and of life. Through a blend of Bible study questions, application, and personal sharing, participants are encouraged to explore not just the content of Biblical women’s stories, but the meaning and purpose underlying why God preserved their accounts in Scripture, and how that meaning is translated into our lives today.

    Digging Deeper is both an individual and a group effort. The early church most often approached the scriptures, and the apostles’ writings, together, seeking to understand through discussion and the prompting of the Holy Spirit what God intended for them to learn.