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    February 1-3, 2019 Women Digging Deeper Weekend

    A Time for Focus

    Our souls long for time to focus on God’s Word and listen to the still small voice of the Spirit. A Women Digging Deeper Weekend is designed to provide time to fervently study scripture under the guidance of a Bible teacher.

    Living as a Balanced Woman in an Out of Balance World

    'Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future.' Proverbs 31:25

    Jan's Sessions

    Balance Yourself by Trusting the Sovereignty of God

    Our stability is found in knowing and embracing the great, loving sovereignty of God. If He's not in control, we have no hope. Since He is in control, we can begin to steady ourselves in the midst of the messiness of life.

    Balance Yourself by Looking at Where You Are Missing the Mark

    The stone under our foot can throw us off balance. If we're unwilling to acknowledge and get rid of it, we will be unable to find that steady, stable place to stand.

    Balance Yourself by Gaining a Proper Perspective of the Enemy

    Often we give the enemy way too much credit for what throws us off balance. We worry about what the enemy is doing.He is real but he is not sovereign. He is annoying but he is not free to run the show. The more we understand, the stronger we will be in the Lord and our worries will be less.

    Balance Yourself by Letting Go of Worry

    Because our God is sovereign, we can be free from worry. We have a Great High Priest in our Lord Jesus Christ 'ever lives to make intercession' for us. Too often we keep our eyes on the problem instead of on the Problem-Solver. Worry is our way of saying, 'I believe but I'm not sure I can really trust God's ways.' You can stop the worry and be balanced even when the world goes on totally unbalanced. It can happen!