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    Winter Women's Weeknd

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    Donna Bowles

    Breakout Speaker

    Donna Bowles is really an introvert -- that is until she gets with a group of women. Retired almost a year -- after 17 years in the public school system -- she loves having time to spend with women of many different ages and stages of life. Donna is an encourager, especially when she meets with a widow who is just beginning her journey of grief. Widows get other widows.

    This fall, she will be leading her 11th cycle of Grief Share at her church. She truly knows God has called her to walk alongside the grieving.

    On the weekends, Donna can be found on the soccer field or at a swim meet cheering on her two grandsons. Her favorite place to be is at her family’s river property, where they spend time together and enjoy delicious outdoor meals!

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