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    A Widow's Journey

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    Ferree Hardy


    Ferree’s first husband, Pastor Bruce Bowman, died instantly of a brain aneurism the day before her 44th birthday. Married half her life, she had no idea how she and their three teens could go on without him.

    She told people she’d never marry again, but God had a different plan and matched her up with Tom Hardy (a widower, not the movie star, she is happy to report). She hated the first grief group she went to and couldn’t imagine ever helping widows, but she does now and loves it. She longed to write funny stories for children, but she writes about widowhood and grief for adults instead.

    Having recently moved three times within six months with many challenges between, the only thing steady in her life is that God’s Word provides everything we need (2 Peter 1:3). She joyfully admits she needs it all!

    Join her in life’s bumps, “buts” and blessings through her book Postcards from the Widows’ Path, her blog at WidowsChristianPlace.com and her column in Plain Values magazine.