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    March 1-3, 2019 Widow's Journey

    A weekend for women of any age who are WIDOWS and at any point in their journey

    People say, “Isn’t it wonderful he’s with the Lord,” and you want to yell, “No! He should be here with me.”

    Spend a weekend with other women who have lost their husbands to death. You will be with people who understand your journey. Come share your heart and your hurt and be encouraged as we remind ourselves that, hard as it is, our God is able. Learn from women who are where you are, women who have weathered grief and difficult times.

    Sarah Schieber's Session: Firm Resolve

    Through the power of God’s faithfulness and a firm resolve to hold tight to Christ through all the ups and downs of widowhood and single parenting, Sarah has been where many of us are. She will offer hope and encouragement to us through both the spoken word and song.

    Margaret Rineer's Session: Walking by Light of Heaven

    When the Lord took Rick home to Heaven after a 13-month cancer journey, Margaret felt ripped and shredded and wondered how she could go on. Through her grief, she continues to learn that faith is actually for THIS world while sight is for the next. Margaret will share how she walks by faith in joy and sorrow.

    Rebecca and Elizabeth Rineer's Session: Losing Dad...When There Are Kids At Home

    Rebecca and Elizabeth Rineer lost their dad when Rebecca was twenty and Elizabeth ten. Now many years later they will share their stories in a special event for widows with children still at home.

    Jennifer Kennedy Dean's Session: When the Shape of Your Life Changes

    In the span of a sentence, life can be completely shattered. A sentence that begins, “The tests show…” and includes words like “advanced stages,… no cure…” is all the time it takes to change the trajectory of your days and the direction of your dreams. But it turns out that God is giving life a new shape. Not a downgrade, or a plan B to settle for, but a new shape. With His guidance, and a little bit of time, the new shape will fit you.

    Gayle Roper's Session: And Then...the Story of Next

    Very few things in life affect us as much as becoming a widow. We’re like someone wandering about on a moonless night in a field littered with holes we can fall into. How do we avoid the holes of loneliness and fear and alone-ness? Or can we avoid them? If we fall in, how do we climb out?

    Georgia Shaffer's Special Feature

    Throughout the weekend, Georgia will be sharing insights ("Did You Know" segments) for widows on the process of rebuilding. Her practical tips will help you as you slowly move from feelings of despair or helplessness (mourning) to those of hope and joy (glory).  

    For an extra fee Georgia is available for 30 minute individual coaching sessions during the weekend. If interested, email her at You also have the option to complete an assessment for Emotional Intelligence or your personality type before the conference and receive your written report along with a personalized briefing during our weekend. Get the details here.

    Small Groups

    During small group discussions, individuals will have the opportunity to briefly share the stories of their own widowhood and glean helpful tips from the experiences of others. Encouragement, smiles and tissues provided! If you are not a widow and attending in support, please understand that the small groups are for Widows only.