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    Weekend on the Bay: A Couples Getaway

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    Bill and Pam Farrel


    Bill and Pam Farrel are relationship experts, international speakers, and Directors of Love-Wise. They have been married and in ministry for 42 years. Bill has experience as youth pastor, lead pastor,  then pastor of small groups for Dr. David Jeremiah at Shadow Mountain church.  

    Pam served alongside Bill in youth work then served as Director of Women’s Ministry during Bill’s years as a Pastor. They have written 50+books, including best-selling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti; 10 Best Decisions a Couple Can Make; 7 Simple Skills for Every Man; 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman aswell; and their 10 Best Decisions series (for couples, singles, parents, grads, leaders, Single Moms, men and women). Their books have been translated into 15+ languages.

    Pam is the co-author of the Discovering the Bible, an Amazon bestseller creative Bible study series. The newest -- Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament -- was a 2021 ECPA award finalist.

    The Farrels have spoken for a wide variety of groups: overseas for missions;  military and government sponsored events (including keynoting at National Marriage Convention sponsored by government of Singapore); and in the USA and Canada. They speak at churches, conference centers, community groups as well as the military and businesses.

    Their wit and wisdom make them popular speakers (Live and Virtual) and podcast, radio and TV guests (Moody network, Family Life Today, Focus on the Family, Dr. Dobson’s Family Talk radio, A Better Us TV and most TV networks).  The Farrels also enjoy helping people with their most vital relationships online in the Living Love-Wise Community.

    Recently, they moved near Bill’s 92 year-old parents to help with their care. The Farrels enjoy time with their grown children, their spouses and five grandchildren, and when they are not working in ministry, or with family, you may find them walking the beach, biking, or kayaking from their down-sized home on a live aboard boat docked in Southern California. 

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