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    February 12-14, 2021

    Tandem. A Weekend for Two.

    Give your Valentine the gift of time together!

    A weekend for married couples at Sandy Cove

    February 12-14, 2021

    Marriage is a gift, but it's also hard work. That’s why a weekend away to examine and strengthen your commitment to each other is crucial. Powerful sessions with trusted speakers Jim and Carol Shores will help you explore how your individual walk with the Lord affects your relationship with your spouse.

    From nurturing love during life's challenges to acquiring new ways to communicate, you and your spouse will enjoy a weekend dedicated to laughter, learning and growing closer to God and each other.

    Our choices can fan the flames of love and move us toward our spouse, or they can douse the flame and push us apart. Let's keep choosing each other and devote a weekend to keeping the fire burning.

    With every effort being made to keep you safe and healthy, join us for this special weekend experience!

    Couples at Sandy Cove

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