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    February 11-13, 2022

    Tandem. A Weekend for Two.

    Give your Valentine the gift of time together!

    A weekend for married couples at Sandy Cove

    February 11-13, 2022

    No More Perfect Marriages

    Self-described as married 38 years (28 of them happily), Mark and Jill Savage are passionate about helping couples thrive. Firm believers in sharing honestly about the frustrating and fascinating parts of marriage, the Savages use large doses of humor to teach powerful truths and equip couples with life-changing tools that help their marriage go the distance.

     If you join us at this retreat you will:

    • Move from frustration to fascination with your differences
    • Learn how to give and receive love more intentionally
    • Discover creative communication tools
    • Explore your past and how it affects the present
    • Learn how to forgive and give grace
    • Identify the slow fades every marriage experiences
    • Be equipped with the eight God-Tools to turn around those fades.

    The Savages deliver a relevant, honest, and practical seminar in an energetic, often humorous manner. You’ll also have time to process and apply the content learned throughout the retreat to your relationship. It will be a weekend to remember!

    Session 1: What Does My Spouse Do THAT?

    Session 2: The Marriage Dance You’re (Unknowingly) Doing

    Session 3: What Slow Fades Are Affecting Your Marriage?

    Session 4: The God-Tools You Need to Use Everyday

    Marriage is a gift, but it's also hard work. That's why a weekend away to examine and strengthen your commitment to each other is crucial. Enjoy a time away dedicated to laughter, learning, and growing closer to God and each other.

    Join us for this special weekend experience!

    Couples at Sandy Cove