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    September 14-16, 2018 September Women's Weekend

    Ladies – join us for a beautiful fall weekend!

    You invest a lot of time and energy into your families, churches, communities and work…retreat from the daily routine and set aside some time to recharge emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy a weekend away with your girlfriends…laughter and worship and relaxing and talking!

    Thirsty for More: Discovering God's Unexpected Blessings in Unlikely Places!


    Allison's Sessions

    Session One: Character Shoes and the King's Sword

    This session will endeavor to whisper a holy invitation to women in the Kingdom who are exhausted from staying in character all the time – who need permission to take off the “character shoes” they’ve lived way too much of their lives in, and bravely step into the Light and Story Christ is inviting them to.

    If ever there was a time in which to “shine like stars in the universe, and hold out the Word of life” (Philippians), it is now. Using first Samuel 16/17, we will examine how God invites women to abandon stories that are too small and shadows that are too dim, encouraging us all to step in to places of influence, risk and calling.

    Session Two: Dangling A Holy Carrot: God waits for us in the wilderness

    When it comes to our connection with God, we dread “dry seasons,” when we feel far from our life-sustaining Creator and Redeemer. And yet, during the first three centuries of the church, many men and women purposefully moved into literal deserts to seek God. They understood something that we have missed: a desert is not a place of vast nothingness but a place where we can truly experience God’s provision, restoration, and intimacy.Examining Hosea and elijah’s own desert sojourn, we will pursue the gifts of the desert.

    Session Three: What's In A Name?

    We will examine our 'scriptural' names.

    Session Four: Walking Out With Joy

    With reinvigorated faith and hope, we’ll dare to step bravely into new seasons of risk and calling. Specifically, we will examine scriptural instructions for how to best identify the places into which Jesus is calling us.


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