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    September 18-20, 2020  

    September Women's Weekend

    September Women's Weekend

    Ladies - join us for a beautiful fall weekend!

    September 18-20, 2020

    You invest a lot of time and energy into your families, churches, communities and work...retreat from the daily routine and set aside some time to recharge emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy a weekend away with your girlfriends...laughter and worship and relaxing and talking!

    The Pathway to Joy with Nicole Unice

    Spend the weekend discovering the pathway into joy that goes through, under and past our circumstances and leads to abundant and spacious freedom. Using stories from the gospel and the book of Nehemiah, discover your own journey into joy that’s available to you—and how to maintain your joy no matter what struggles you face.

    Main Sessions with Nicole

    • The Fullness of Joy: God has made us a promise that we can know the path to true life and the fullness of His joy. Together, we’ll explore how life can be shaped by our circumstances or shaped by the Spirit.
    • Joy Stealers: Let’s talk about the 3 great joy stealers and how we snatch back our promises from defeat and discouragement.
    • Our Great Strength in Joy: God promises that His joy will be our strength. Through the story of Nehemiah and the people of Israel, we discover just how God’s favor shapes our fortification for life.
    • Our Great Source of Joy: Our story is one of being lost and found. Let’s discover how Jesus teaches us what happens when we are truly found — and how that changes how we understand our stories and the purpose and passion of our own lives.

    Breakout Sessions with Jessie Seneca

    • Friendship, Sisters for a Journey: The ride through life is better with friends! Friendship, Sisters for a Journey will help you discover the secret to authentic friendship through meaningful and purposeful relationships. Starting with the greatest friendship of all—Jesus! Sometimes friendships might look a little messy and other times glorious, but God uses it all. Together, we will look at styles and seasons of friendships and how they grow and stretch you into a better friend, sister, mother, daughter, aunt, grandmother and any other role you fulfill. We are never beyond the age of learning more about one of the greatest gifts God has given us, Friendship.
    • Living A Balanced Life, prioritizing your faith and daily tasks: Are you constantly running to “catch up” but at the end of the day feel frustrated that it seems you got nothing done? In this session, Jessie will help us examine our time, schedules, and commitments. We will learn techniques and principles of time management and planning based on scripture. Through hands-on activities we will gain the tools to set realistic goals, create order rather than chaos, and find a peace that comes from doing life HIS way.
    • Sunday Devotional: More of Him, Less of Me, principles for living a fruitful life

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