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    September 20-22, 2019 September Women's Weekend

    Ladies - join us for a beautiful fall weekend!

    September 20-22, 2019

    You invest a lot of time and energy into your families, churches, communities and work...retreat from the daily routine and set aside some time to recharge emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy a weekend away with your girlfriends...laughter and worship and relaxing and talking!

    Nicol's most well-known song recorded as a soloist, "Resurrection"

    Fully Alive! with Susie Larson

    Susie's Sessions

    • SHE IS CALLED: It’s so easy to give our time away to things un-appointed by God. The result? We end up over-worked and under-joyed. Do you believe that God created you for a purpose? How do we navigate the waters of opposition, the reality of our fears, and the timing of God to lay hold of HIs best purposes for us? The days are growing more evil but we have every reason for faith. God is alive and active in our world and He will profoundly use those who are willing to take hold of His promises and walk them out in their everyday lives. It’s impossible to please God without faith. Get ready for a time to break free from the opinions of others and be challenged and motivated to become and accomplish everything God intended for you since the beginning of time! Based on Ephesians 3:20-21
    • HE RESTORES: Why do we so often minimize our losses and stuff down our grief? We work hard, press through, and we just get by. Is this because we believe that’s what good Christians do? Yet at what cost to our souls? Jesus cares about the hurts buried deep in our hearts. He cares about the trials we’ve endured and how they’ve impacted us. And He stands before us with a fire in His eyes, ready and willing to speak to those places in us that need assurance, love, and redemption. Jesus lives! And because He lives, we too can live fully alive, nourished, and free. God wants to restore your soul and your story in ways you never thought possible. Psalm 23:3 ~ He restores my soul...
    • SHE’S AN HEIR: The Bible tells us that in Christ Jesus, we are heirs of God! But so often we think and pray like orphans. We beg and plead, and allow our disappointments to mark our lives to the point of unbelief. How do we remember who we are in Christ Jesus? What if we approached life like an heir, especially when hardships come and threaten to steal our joy? Our perspective on our adoption into the royal family of God, changes everything. Based on Romans 8:17
    • HE REWARDS: As the days grow evil and the times more chaotic, God invites us to be continually refreshed in His presence and to live with eternity in mind. Burke once said, Most Christians know so little about heaven that they’re more excited about retirement than they are about eternity. How do we make this life count if we’re flying blind when it comes to heaven? And why does it matter how we live if we’re simply saved by grace? We have this one life. None of us knows when we’ll see Jesus face to face. How we live here directly impacts how we will live there…in heaven. Jesus spoken often about stewardship because He loves us and wants us to reap a harvest when it’s all said and done. We’ll explore the kind of life that God rewards. Jesus lives! May we live like heaven is real because it is! Revelation 22:12 ~ “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done."

    Breakout Sessions

    Carol's: A Tall Glass of Water in a Thirsty Land: encouragement through theatre | As a professional actress who brings to life stories of women of faith with humor and heart, this improv and interactive session will explore how to find God's encouragement in the desert places, and how we in turn can encourage others. A refreshing time of perspective, laughter and yes, encouragement.

    Barb's: Winning the Worry Battle | Do you or someone you know struggle with worry or anxiety? If you are tired of feeling stressed out during the day or walking the floors sleepless at night, come discover how to win your worry battle! We will walk through Joshua 1 to discover how God equipped Joshua to deal with uncertainty as the Israelites entered the Promised Land. You will learn three practical tools and techniques to position you for God’s victory over worry beginning today!

    Barb's: God, Give Me Patience | Have you been praying for God to give you patience? Is there a breakthrough, renew or rescue that you have been waiting for, but it has not happened yet? It is tough when you see God answering other’s prayers, especially when you are tired waiting and wondering how to keep walking by faith. When you attend this workshop, you will learn the Patience Path, four steps that transform your waiting journey from frustration and bitterness to faith and blessing.

    Please note...

    It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you that Jennifer Kennedy Dean, who was to be our speaker at September Women’s weekend, passed away suddenly on Wednesday, June 12th. Jennifer was a good friend to our ministry, and recently took part as a presenter at our Widows Journey weekend, and the Restore event. We are saddened by this loss, and our hearts go out to Jennifer’s family, friends and colleagues, as they mourn this unforeseen loss. Jennifer’s theme for September was “Synced: Living Connected to the Heart of Jesus!” and though we will miss her presenting that message, we are grateful to know that she is fully experiencing that connection to the heart of Jesus right now!

    A Note from Andrea, Sandy Cove Women’s Ministry

    Like you, my heart is saddened by the passing of Jennifer who ministered to us well these past two years. As we remember her heart for ministering to women, I know she would have wished us to proceed with the weekend. We are most thankful that God has provided, and Susie Larson has graciously accepted the invitation to step into the Guest Speaker role. Susie, who has shared Jennifer on her podcasts, is a nationally known speaker and, more importantly, a trusted veteran speaker and ministry leader to our Women’s Ministry programs. She has a strong and compassionate heart for women, and her theme for the weekend will reflect this as it is very appropriately entitled "Fully Alive"

    Thank you so much for your prayers covering the Dean family. We look forward to serving you in September, and at your upcoming visit, we hope you will visit our Prayer Room where you are encouraged to take one of the ‘remembrance stones’ which were a recent donation from Jennifer.