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    October 21-23, 2019 Senior Pastors' Wives 2019


    Senior Pastors' Wives Retreat: a time to Refresh and Restore!

    Let us encourage you. Join us for this Retreat which starts Monday, 4:00 pm and concludes with a Lunch on Wednesday.

    Refreshing and Restoring through encouraging messages, interactive discussions, laughter, prayers, and yes, dedicated time alone with God in a safe, peaceful and confidential environment.

    This Retreat is an opportunity to minister to the Wives of Senior Pastors, addressing their needs not duties! Many of you are experiencing not only the joys of life, but also your own real-world challenges and concerns. Prayerfully, this retreat will encourage you spiritually, mentally and physically. The Retreat will include a diversity of speakers and leaders with various experiences who will be transparent in their sharing.

    Why is this Retreat only for THE lead pastor's wife, and not the heads of other ministries?

    Due to their leadership role, and that of their spouse, these ladies often do not have someone within the Church body with whom they can confide in, share personal concerns, explore internal conflicts without judgment, or just be heard. They too are experiencing many of the serious concerns that face those in the church body, and often cannot find a time away for solitude and encouragement designed just for them.

    Ministry Team: Carol Anderson-Shores, Vicki Heath, Julie Norman, Tina Pelzer, Mary Southerland

    Your Ministry Team hopes to provide you with a peaceful and confidential environment where you can rest, laugh, discuss “real” issues, share experiences, and have others pray with you.

    To that end, this retreat is not “program” heavy, but rather allows you time to connect with God. The sessions and breakout times are intentionally not long, yet interactive for honest and open discussions.

    The theme for your time here is Matthew 11:28-30, encouraging you to lay your cares before the Lord because He cares for You!

    Jesus encouraged: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30, NIV)

    Retreat Session Information

    • Ministry Team "Unplugged" | These are the ladies who will be ministering to you through messages, one-on-one prayers and breakout session discussions of serious concerns. This candid Q&A session will help you get to know these ladies and find out common areas that have been conquered and/or still battling!
    • Acts of Renewal – Theatre to Delight the Soul | Performance by Carol Anderson-Shores | Professional actress Carol Anderson brings funny, moving, powerful theatre entertainment that speaks to women right where they’re at. Carol will be including some brand new material created for this event to add to the evening. Prepare to laugh, relax and be refreshed.
    • In His Eyes | Mary Southerland | Have you ever wondered why you were even born? Do feelings of insecurity and doubt plague your life? "In His Eyes" drives home the truth that our identity was established before the world began - in the mind and heart of God! We are important to Him. This message will lead you to understand how valuable you are, to seek and find God's unique design for your life and to grasp the concept of seeing yourself through the eyes of God.
    • Getting Back to the Heartbeat of Jesus | Carol Anderson | Oh for the days when it was all so simple. When the details of ministry overwhelm us and we start to lose the point of it all, how we long to get back the heartbeat of Jesus; to connect with what this is all supposed to be about. Having worked in ministry for many years, Carol resonates with that struggle and brings comedy/theatre, Scripture and story that speaks into that longing with a refreshing perspective of hope.
    • Hope in the Midst of Depression | Mary Southerland | Mary Southerland seemed to have it all until clinical depression brought her world crashing down. She found herself paralyzed and unable to function at home or in ministry. Experience Mary's story of deliverance designed to help every man, woman, or child who battles depression.
    • Just BREATHE | Tina Pelzer | Ritter, 2nd Floor
    • Honor Thy Health, Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit | Vicki Heath | Staying healthy in the ministry is no easy task. Food is a quick comfort to a stressful day. Exercise is hard to fit in a busy life. Quiet time with Him – it’s a fight sometimes. How do I find balance? Good news! It is possible!
    • I’m The Pastor’s Wife And... | Julie Norman | As if the role of supporter, friend, confidant, counselor, mate and encourager of the man with the God-given responsibility to lead a church is not enough; as his wife you (by default or desire) serve in or run the kids’ ministry, or women’s ministry, or prayer ministry, or worship ministry, or hospitality ministry, or several of these ministries. You might juggle these ministry duties with a job outside the home. And… you parent your children. How can we protect ourselves, grow the ministries, love our husbands well, parent our children, and thrive in our own personal relationship with Jesus? We will look at real, practical ways to help us let go of self-imposed obligations, grow the ministries we are called to, and flourish in our hands-down, most important role for the church, our man’s wife.
    • In His Presence: Guided Prayer & Dissolving Session | Vicki Heath | Come prepared to create a personal prayer space. Together through guided prayer, we will each journey to the Holy of Holies, an intimate time with God. As you pack, consider what you might bring from home (scarf, shawl, blanket or a pillow if you want to kneel) that will help you create your personal prayer space.