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    About The Dunnemans

    Speaker & Musician

    History is filled with tales of traveling musicians. In the Middle Ages the minstrel was a primary means of spreading news from far lands. The Dunnemans, Reg and Gretchen, aren’t medieval minstrels, but they bring a message from a land that is as far as the end of the earth and near as your heart -- the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

    Reg starting singing for the Lord when he was four. In his teens he organized The Victors Trio, and in his twenties The Tabernacle Trio, both based in Ontario. The next twenty years saw him singing and playing with Canada's Galileans.

    Gretchen began singing for the Lord when she was nine years old. She was active in school, church, college and community choirs, and sang with The Friendship Trio in Montrose, PA for fifteen years.

    Since their marriage in 1992, The Dunnemans have together given their hearts, talents, and repertoires to the Lord and He has blessed their efforts. The ministry became full time in 2002 and was recognized as a non-profit ministry in 2006.

    Musical Styles? Traditional hymns, church standards, classical, southern gospel, spirituals, contemporary, country, swing, bluegrass…almost everything but Christian punk (yes, there is such a thing… :)

    Settings? Churches, Bible conferences, camp meetings, revivals, retirement communities, RV resorts, nursing, assisted-living and rehab centers, VA hospitals, tents, flat-bed trailers, fairgrounds, parking lots, barn yards, and even a polo field. (We’ve even generated our own electricity using our motor home!)

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