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    Restore Me: Making Us New & Setting Us Free

    Event Schedule 

    Restore Me Schedule

    What's happening when!

    Schedule subject to change.


    4:00 pm - Check in
    5:30 - Dinner
    7:00 - Session 1 - Ending the Famine (Tessa Afshar) | Praise & Worship (Laura Heath)
    Small Groups
    9:00Sports pool & hot tub open
    9:30 - Rest & Social Fast


    7:00 am - Open Sports Pool 
    7:15 - Early Bird Stretching & Flexibility 
    7:30 -
    9:00 - Session 2 - Becoming A Daughter (Tessa Afshar) | Praise & Worship (Laura Heath)
    10:00 - Time Alone with God  
    12:00 Noon - Lunch with Small Groups 
    1:30 - Session 3 - Broken Love (Tessa Afshar)
    2:30 - Time Alone with God
    Sports pool & hot tub open
    5:00 - Breakout Session (optional) | The First Place for Health Ministry (Helen Baratta)
    5:30 - Dinner with Small Groups
    7:00 - Session 4 - Concert with Laura Heath
    Guided Prayer - In His Presence (Vicki Heath)
    9:00 - Rest & Quiet Time | Sports pool & hot tub open

    Tuesday - please check out of your room by 9:30 am

    7:30 am - Breakfast | Individual Prayer Appointments
    9:00 - Session 5 - Learning Intimacy That Satisfies (Tessa Afshar) | Praise & Worship (Laura Heath)
    10:00 - Time Alone with God 
    12:00 Noon - Lunch
    1:30 - Small Groups
    2:15 -Session 6 - Celebrating Together (Vicki Heath) | Celebrating The Lord's Supper | Praise & Worship (Laura Heath)
    3:00 pm - Conclusion

    Please check out of your rooms prior to Session 5. Or ask about a Tuesday night Bed & Breakfast stay for $50 per person.

    A Welcome Email and updated Program Schedule will be emailed to you approximately two weeks prior to the program. Please also check your spam folder!

    Small Groups

    Your assigned small group is led by an experienced leader. The four scheduled small group times allow you to touch base with your leader, ask questions, and enjoy community with others.

    Individual Prayer Time Appointments (optional)

    Restore Me has a deep desire to bless you with prayer. You are invited to attend an assigned 30 minutes of personal prayer time during the Time Alone with God time frames. Two leaders experienced in praying for others will minister to you. We invite everyone to be blessed. Do not miss out on this valuable benefit at Restore Me. Your individual prayer time and location will be assigned Sunday night when you meet with your small group leader.

    In His Presence - Guided Prayer | Come Prepared to Create a Personal Prayer Space

    Susanna Wesley (mother of John and Charles) had 19 children and still found time to pray. When Susanna pulled her apron over her head it signaled to all around her that she was in prayer and not to be disturbed. During the Monday evening session, together through guided prayer, we will each journey to the Holy of Holies, an intimate time with God. We find creating a personal prayer space in a group setting more effective. As you pack, consider what you might bring from home (scarf, shawl, blanket or a pillow if you want to kneel) that will help you create your personal prayer space.

    Time Alone With God

    Time Alone With God is an invitation to sit quietly in God’s presence and see what shows itself. Spend time in your room, on a walk, or sitting on your own. The goal is to find space that is quiet enough and safe enough for the soul to be as honest as it needs to be.