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    November 27-29, 2020

    Marriage Intensive

    House on the Rock presents...

    Marriage Intensives at Sandy Cove

    November 27-29, 2020

    Have you drifted beyond "discouraged" to "desperate?" Have you realized that your marriage is crashing and burning, and it won't get better without help? We have help!

    Your interest in a marriage intensive means that you believe there is still hope for your marriage. That's all we ask ... that you can still see a flicker of life ... and have a willingness to fan that flame back into a meaningful marriage. You owe it to yourself, your spouse and your children to make that effort.

    Acknowledging your need for an intervention ... or a miracle ... is the first step to transforming your relationship. You might believe you're too far apart ... too hurt and damaged ... or too far gone to save your marriage. We believe that our time together can help you begin to stop the craziness so you can begin putting your relationship with God and each other back together again.

    May we encourage you ... before you choose to extinguish the flame of your marriage forever, to make at least one more try?

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    Returning from a hardship tour of deployment?
    You and your spouse can participate for over 75% off!

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    What is a "Fan the Flame Marriage Intensive"?

    It is a Three Day Group Intensive

    These marriage intensives are more than a couple's weekend retreat. They are intimate, personalized coaching sessions designed to help you identify and address your specific needs. Intensives are more powerful than one hour counseling sessions because they keep you both focused on your issues for an extended period of time. You will receive approximately 15 hours of personalized counseling, coaching and attention in a group setting over your 3 days in our very accommodating and all-inclusive marriage counseling retreat experience. We customize our sessions to meet your needs.

    Most people have apprehensions about marriage counseling in a group format ... yet we've found that couples can't stop talking about how helpful it was for them. Also, independent research shows that men show higher levels of satisfaction in a group format than individual settings.

    Where are these intensives held?

    We want you to get away from the distractions and daily routines that complicate your life so you can focus on yourselves and your marriage. You will be our guests here at Sandy Cove, staying in the Chesapeake Lodge, and eating meals at The Water's Edge dining room.

    Your job ... is to concentrate on yourselves and your marriage ... our mission is to focus on you.

    You will Receive

    • 15 hours of personalized attention from 1 coaching / counseling couple
    • 2 nights of lodging
    • All your meals included
    • Follow up program

    We accept up to five married couples per session.

    Your next step is to call House on the Rock at 717.299.8969 or email They can answer your questions, help you decide if an intensive is appropriate for you, discuss cost and payment information, and get you registered! Reservations will not be made directly through Sandy Cove.