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    Hope for Me Women's Wellness Weekend

    Event Schedule 

    A look at what's happening when! 

    Featuring: Pam Farrel, Vicki Heath, Diane Andrews, Lisa Lewis
                           Teri Moscatelli, Christina Moscatelli


    4:00 pm  Guest check-in
    5:00  Dinner
    7:00  Session 1 
                   Workout: Longevity F360 Balance and Stability Training ~ Vicki Heath & Diane Andrews
                  "A Hope Story" ~ Laura Acuna
                  “Hope Starts Tonight” ~ Vicki Heath


    7:30 am Continental breakfast
    9:15   Session 2
                 Moving Minute ~ Vicki Heath
               “Hope Through Focus” ~ Pam Farrel                                                                                                                             
                 Workout: Dance Blast! Why Walk When You Can Dance! ~ Vicki Heath
                 “Hope Beyond Boring Meals” ~ Lisa Lewis
                   Free Time AWOL (Away With Our Lord)

    4:00 pm Optional: Time with The Trainers
    5:00  Dinner
    7:00  Session 3
                   "A Hope Story" ~ Christina Moscatelli   
                   “Hope In The Storm” ~ Pam Farrel
                     Workout: Pilates Wind Down ~ Teri Moscatelli


    7:30 am  Continental Breakfast
                     Moving Minute ~ Vicki Heath
                   “Hope for the Journey” ~ Pam Farrel
                     Sharing Your Hope
    Lunch and departures

    Schedule subject to change to serve you well.

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