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    January 31-February 2, 2020

    Fun & Fitness 4 Life Weekend

    Fun Fitness Weekend for Women

    Kick off the New Year with healthy eating and exercise!

    Sandy Cove is offering three days of fun-filled exercise sessions featuring the ministries of First Place 4 Health and Body & Soul Fitness. All fitness components will be covered: cardio, strength training and flexibility training - taught with YOU in mind by Certified Fitness Trainers.

    We have something for every 'body' plus Bible based teaching!

    This weekend is just for women - All fitness levels welcome.


    Session Titles with keynote speaker, Gari Meacham

    • Beyond My Wildest Dreams
    • Strength Beyond Myself
    • Reach Beyond
    • Beyond Free

    Body & Soul Fitness Workout Descriptions:

    Cardio Strength

    A full body work out incorporating cardio, balance, core strength and stability utilizing bands, hand weights and your own body weight.

    Fit 360

    An interval workout that combines sports drills, cardiovascular, resistance, core and balance training that is physically challenging, emotionally & spiritually uplifting.

    Longevity Fitness

    Functional exercise class suited for all fitness levels, and includes cardio movement, strength training, coordination and balance exercises, and flexibility training.

    Core and Flexibility with Pilates

    Gentle stretching and strength for the mind and body, flexibility training, relaxation, core body strengthening using the Pilate method of breathing.

    Most workouts will include a chair workout option - All ages and fitness levels can enjoy this workout. This is a workout option for "any body" that needs to build strength and endurance in a fun, safe, and effective way. The workout is done seated which is ideal for those with temporary injuries, weight challenges, orthopedic and balance issues, and other medical conditions.

    Optional Activities

    Water Aerobics

    Get both physically and spiritually awakened for the day! Water Aerobics is a 45 minute in-water workout, from warm up to cool down, that exercises your body while the uplifting praise music awakens your soul to worship the Lord. 

    Intro to Becoming a Body & Soul Fitness Instructor 

    Join us to learn about Body & Soul Fitness.  Whether you want to bring it to your church or facility, or become an instructor, we will spend time with you to answer all your questions. If you are considering becoming a Body & Soul Fitness instructor, please complete the online application before you arrive. For more information available at, follow the path - "Instructors" > "Become an Instructor".

    Chair Massages

    $16 - A portable chair designed for comfort and support is used as a massage therapist administers a 15-minute, fully-clothed, stress-relieving massage designed to enhance circulation, reduce muscle tension and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

    Bring Body & Soul Fitness and FP4H to your Church

    Learn how you, too, can share in the life-change that happens when you start a wellness ministry. During this session, you will hear details about the two ministries that are partnering this weekend, FirstPlace4Health and Body & Soul Fitness. You can bring one or both ministries to your church.