July 14-19, 2019 - Sandy Cove Ministries
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    July 14-19, 2019


    Pastor Ted Winsley was scheduled to be our guest speaker for the week. Unfortunately, Ted recently had some surgery that turned out to be more complicated than anticipated, the doctor put him on the shelf for a two month recovery, and he had to cancel his engagement with us. We are disappointed by this, but trusting that God has a plan. We have been reaching out in a variety of directions to secure another speaker, but as you can imagine, availability on this short notice is challenging. So pray for Pastor Ted and his recovery, and pray also that God would provide the right speaker for us.


    Prayers answered for the right speaker!

    Get to know Bill Paige - visit his website and read below

    Morning Speaker: Bill Paige

    Bill Paige is a gifted, passionate speaker whose broad appeal is anchored in a depth of life experience that includes 20 years of police and detective work in and around New York City metropolitan area. In addition, Bill served 14 years as the associate chaplain at Children’s Village, working with emotionally disturbed boys in the city, as well as 18 years of senior leadership in Young Life. Bill previously served as the Special Assistant to the President of Young Life for 21 years.

    As an ordained minister, Bill brings a wealth of valuable insight in the areas of emotional and behavioral problems among young people and is a certified trainer for “Therapeutic Crisis Intervention”. His communication gifts combined with his life experience and honed insight put him in very high demand in this country and around the world as a speaker.

    Bill’s speaking experience includes:

    • numerous month-long assignments at Young Life camp properties where he has spoken to tens of thousands of high school and middle school kids regarding the basics of the Christian faith;
    • frequent engagements at chapel services for both National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, including two opportunities to speak at the NFL Pro Bowl;
    • many motivational talks at high school and college assemblies;
    • numerous engagements at Young Life fund raising banquets, leadership training weekends and other Young Life venues.

    Life Coach: Eric Hine

    Crosswalk: TBA